Saturday, October 9, 2010


Benny didn't like being alone with Spencer. As of yet, he hadn't got up the nerve to even really look at him. Obviously, Spencer was in love with the guy Benny was suppose to be with.

"So what did you think?" Benny looked at Ali.

"It was great." Her smile didn't look true. "Look, he's really shy." He said about Casey then. He felt he needed to be nice to her. "You hungry?" Benny felt the need to be nice to her because one thing for sure, he knew how it felt to be her. He just knew he did.


"We'll talk about Casey." He kept staring.


It wasn't long tell they made their way to the strip mall and went to the only place he knew to know. The Korean Grill. The food was a tad greasy, but cheap.

She yawned as he put down the eggrolls in front of her at the booth he'd found for them. He dipped his in the hot mustard and had instant satisfaction. Benny looked up just to see she hadn't taken a bite of hers.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing." She sighed. "Its just-just I don't want to eat when I think of Casey."

"Huh, what do you mean?" He sort of grinned, maybe winced. "Like the Casey diet?" He almost spewed his mouth of eggroll., but he swallowed with a smile.

"Yeah, something like that." She didn't look too happy though.

"Casey's a pretty cool guy." Benny nodded. "So whats your story?"

She shook her head, no.

"Look, he's kind of oblivious to a lot of things. Pretty simple, actually. I can't think of a more uncomplicated guy."

"Just what I expected." She looked away as she drank her iced tea through a straw.

"And you're complicated?" Benny gave her a dead stare then.

"Maybe." She pressed her lips tight. "Look, I really am trying to get back on my feet. I just keep meeting the wrong guy." She looked up at him then. "My Mom took my kids away from me."

"How old are you?" He couldn't think of her being a day over sixteen.

"Twenty-four." She shrugged.

"I see." Benny nodded.

"I didn't graduate high school." She tempted to smile, but it wasn't quite right. "I don't guess I'm good for anything. Evidently."

Benny didn't know what to say. He sucked his Dr. Pepper through a straw which ended loudly. He looked around just to see if anyone was watching. No one was even in the dining area, but them.

Benny grabbed his Sharpie out of his T-shirt pocket. He noticed Ali's thick foot in her flip-flop. He smiled then. He took her foot and started to draw.


ellie said...

I do like Benny.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Benny is a great guy! :)

meg said...

I'm glad he's taking Ali under his wing.

simon and josh said...

Benny is a sweetheart.

so jade said...

I'm glad they can talk.

DFF said...

This has got me wondering what's next.