Thursday, November 4, 2010

girls who like boys who like boys

Ali had a big bag of Skittles waiting for Benny after the show. She was shocked they could bring it. Truly, all Casey needed was an audience to survive. Otherwise, she guessed he didn't care. But she watched him from the audience. It would seem he was intoxicated. But it wasn't drugs or alcohol. Just the thrill of people wanting to hear him. It was a surprise to her that he hadn't gone solo and forgotten the rest of them. She knew now that there was no chance with him. And she wouldn't have been here if it wasn't for Benny.

She'd overheard the one chick who had questioned Sarah about Benny so she'd bumped into her. Ali told her that she knew Benny.

"Can you give me any details?" She knew this girl wanted to know about Spence and Benny.

"That's old news." Ali smiled. "Don't you know?  Casey is Benny's one and only." Ali couldn't help but run with it. She told the girl all about Casey's tattoos. "He wouldn't let just anybody do that, you know. Its just, he hadn't decided on anything permanent yet." Ali felt a rush of adrenaline. She doubted these boys ever got on the Internet, anyway. What did they care what she said? It was just fun. So much fun... making up a romance between Casey and Benny. Who knew? Possibly, this was good stuff that made a demographic want them more.


ellie said...

oh, my goodness, what has Ali done?

meg said...

Did Ali mean to do this really? Or just getting back at Casey?

Becky Regina said...

Wow what did she do ?