Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I like it like that

Casey was ecstatic, and it had nothing to do with sex.

They had done it this time. The club was opening again. And they wanted the band there every Friday night. Casey couldn't believe it. This was exciting. And he was all smiles. And maybe it wouldn't mean a thing to anyone in the band. But he was in love. In love with the idea that they could make it in this business.

"So then we should order more CDs, and T-shirts." Lucy smiled too because she was so wanting to have a whole new line of graphic T's. She had a few designs to show  him.

"Lets not get that far ahead of ourselves." He knew he needed to take a step back, but they were at least taking a step in the right direction. He hadn't needed Ste nor Cameron for any of this. People did want to listen to the Freaknoids.

"So, now what? You think you'll want to be on a tour by summer." Sarah looked at him a bit miffed.

"No. I dunno. This is great. Right now." Of course, for all he knew it might only last through New Year's eve. He wasn't sure how to keep it fresh. It was hard being in a rock band. Trying to find a balance between what they were known for and keeping it better than ever. Was he really up for this challenge? He guessed, he'd have to be.

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meg said...

I'd be happy to if I got a gig like that.