Monday, November 8, 2010

totally wrong

"So?" Lucy cornered Sarah a few days later to show her how much money they now had for the band. They were waiting for Casey at the Korean Grill.

"What?" Sarah didn't like that look. Yes, she'd met Delia, and they'd danced. Even so, Delia treated her like some kind of newbie. As if she wasn't actually part of their sorority. "Its nothing." They hadn't even kissed. Just danced. Close. But not as close as Sarah wanted.

"At least you didn't disappear with her." Lucy pursed her lips.

"What does that mean?" Sarah winced as if Lucy was an idiot about these matters.

"You know, how mysterious you were with Cameron. You'd be with her and I'd have to dig it out of you. What gives? Is that what makes it so special? All these secrets you keep from me?" Lucy was getting testy as she sat there thumbing through the bills that were headed for the bank.

"What would you know about matters like these? You've got Cory. You've got it so easy." Sarah's frown was puffed and small. Lucy was just a kid who needed to be in high school instead of skipping as much as she did. Sarah played with the straw in her iced diet Pepsi. "Besides, I'll probably never see Delia, again. OK."

"Delia?" Lucy winced in thought. "Doesn't she have an all girl band?"

"I dunno." Sarah looked at her crossly. Couldn't she just shut up about her?

"I think she toured with Cameron one time. A long time ago. When we first met her at that dirt race? Remember?" Lucy was piecing it together. "Yeah, I remember. She won the race then they gave this concert. Cameron sang with her." Lucy looked at her blankly.

"Just shut up. You don't know anything." Sarah was a bit pissed. Lucy was making it sound as if Cameron had a thing with Delia.


She is Sara said...

wow, that has to be hard to hear.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I don't blame the frustrastion. :/