Tuesday, November 23, 2010

its in the blood

It pained him to know that his brother was doing better than himself. Craig Conrad was always on top. Top of his class. Top in what ever he chose to do. But perhaps the gambling got the best of him. Now he might as well be a vagabond of some sort.

He just wasn't sure he'd get home for Thanksgiving. He'd hitchhiked through the prairie. It was a bit of a dreary adventure. God, it was cold. He was frigid through the bone. But at least he was away from California which had not been nearly as good to him as he'd first thought. If he'd stayed, well, he might be dead by now. Hopefully, he'd never be found.

At least Ka-Rad aka Todd to him had put some minutes on his cell and wired him some money for the train. Things were looking up. It would be great to get back to his old place. Todd didn't even live there anymore. He had settled down, or so he said. He was being a bit aloof about it, but still weren't they always like this. Never telling the other, anything.

"I'm telling you now, you'll have to be nice." Todd told him when he rang him up, out in Grand Island. "She's fragile."

"You knocked her up!" Craig gave him a shout in to the phone.

"It really wasn't my intention. But you can't say I know. She might go off the deep end. You see, she might be suicidal."

"Jesus, what the fuck is going on?" He was the one with the problems. Not his angelic little brother.

"I'm just saying, if you want your place, you'll have to sweet talk her, somehow. I dunno what to do. She doesn't even know I know. I'm afraid-"

"What? You are afraid your boyfriend will leave you high and dry, is that it?" Craig snapped. He noticed a few were watching him now on the sleepy train. He tried to keep his voice low.

Todd wouldn't say another word. The silence was killing him.

"All right." Craig tensed. "What ever you want."

He supposed they'd have to keep the family together, now wouldn't they? Craig looked behind him. He hoped no one was following him. Couldn't he just have a relaxing holiday? It was about time he appreciated his brother. He just needed a chance too.


She is Sara said...

Aww Craig seems a little lost but an okay guy!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Relaxing holidays seem so scarce nowadays - there is always so much family drama. :/

autumn said...

Silence can kill me, too. o_O

Em [the writer] said...

That guy is in that new number 4 movie! Hah, sorry just had a discovery moment. Aren't holidays always stressful though? hah, keep writing!

There is actually 4 characters so far. Right now I am just establishing a lot of characters in this small town story. I just really wanted a character heavy story, the kind where they write the story (if that makes sense).

nick and heath said...

Well, this'll be interesting.

meg said...

I am wondering how he will be.