Thursday, November 18, 2010

no holiday

"Is it for the holidays?" Spencer asked over their very quiet dinner.

Ka-Rad would rather smash a dinner roll with butter in his mouth  than speak of Craig.

"I'd rather not think of it as a holiday when he's around." Ka-Rad finally said of his brother.

"What's he like?" Spence wanted to know. He brushed the fork over his salad and took a bite of the spinach.

"Hard ass, you know." Ka-Rad sighed. He could hardly bare it, to think Craig would be here. He'd do anything to keep him away if he could. "He's by the book, and a freaking asshole."

Ka-Rad's mind wondered, just what to do about his brother.

"Well, we've got the room. He can stay in the guestroom." Spencer smiled as if he were up for company. "You just never mentioned him."

"Nothing to mention." They were opposites in so many way. "He's the better looking one, if you must know. A real lady killer." Ka-Rad rolled his eyes. "My big brother who always knows what right in the world. Don't call me Ka-Rad around him. He hates that name." Ka-Rad shoveled another third of the Italian casserole. Evidently, nothing could stay perfect, could it?


ellie said...

I hope it won't be that bad when his brother comes to visit.

meg said...

Oh my, a problem with his older brother.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope things will be better when he arrives. :/

ivy said...

I am hoping to write more.

ori said...

Looks like trouble.