Monday, December 13, 2010

how its going down

Casey was having second thoughts about his 'spread' in the local magazine. It might not be the best publicity. And he wasn't a solo artist, either.

"See, what I'm thinking is that we should all go for this photo shoot." The more the merrier, he imagined. "Anyway, let them just guess who's gay and who isn't." Problem solved.

"Well, I'm not gay." Cory would have to be a pain about it.

"Just don't worry. We are there to talk about our music. OK. Got it." He rolled his eyes. Casey looked at Benny to help, but he was just staring at Spencer as if he were terminally ill.

As it was, some reporter was going to meet them down at the club. Have a Q & A session. Takes some pictures of them, together. And it would be done in twenty minutes, Casey imagined.

"How do we dress for this thing?" Spencer asked.

"I dunno. What we usually wear, I guess." Casey shrugged. They were sitting around in Spencer's basement. He didn't think they needed to dress up as elves or anything. He didn't think it was the Christmas edition. "Maybe, you want Todd in on this one."

"Maybe." Spencer nodded.

"He's not even in the band." Benny spoke up then.

"Are you going to have a cow over this?" Spencer looked at Benny then, a bit pissed.

"No, what I'm saying is that..he's not in the band." Benny looked back at Spencer as if wished he hadn't said anything.

"He does our hair." Spencer informed him.

"Guys, he should be there." Casey hoped the reporter would talk more to them than to him. Really, he had no idea how he was going to get through this ordeal. He needed there help. And he didn't need a war going on between Benny and Spencer.


meg said...

Oh, that's all Spencer needs. And Benny is being his usual self.

Krystal said...


ellie said...

Spencer and Benny..I can't wait to see how this goes.

She is Sara said...

This could get pretty awkward...