Wednesday, December 15, 2010

never a waste

She caught his eye at the drug store.

Craig was in the middle of the hair dye isle, thinking he should change it up. Possibly. He was kind of incognito. He was wearing some silly cap his brother had. At least it wasn't girly. Naturally, Todd said he and Jackson Rathbone could put on any hat and make it look amazing. Of course,  Craig had snarled when he said that, but he didn't mind that she was looking at him.

He smiled.

"Do you know if any of these will work?" He held up some black hair dye.

"Oh, I wouldn't trust it. I-know someone who does this for a living. You should see him." She said so serious. She looked away, but finally looked back. "I thought - " She hesitated. "You were him, at first."

"God, you know my brother then." He winced.

"You're Ka-Rad's brother?" She almost laughed, but held it in as she looked him over.

"You know him?" Craig kind of smiled as he winced.

"Just in the same circle of friends." She shrugged and introduced herself then. They shook hands.  It was a refreshing, he thought. Sarah. How in the world did Todd know these people? Well, he was a party animal, now wasn't he? Nothing introvert about him at all.

"Let  him do it, OK?" She smiled then. "He's really good. I mean, maybe the best."

"The best?" He didn't want Todd better at anything than he was. Just how well did she know him? Really? "You have time for coffee, perhaps?"

"Hot chocolate?" Her smile made him smile all the more. And she looked fabulous in her black sweater dress. He hoped she hadn't planned on going anywhere at the moment.


ellie said...

wouldn't that be something if they clicked.

meg said...

I'm wondering how this will pan out.

Holly said...

wow, didn't expect Sarah to say those things about Ka-rad.

E.L. said...

This will definitely be interesting.