Monday, December 27, 2010

so much more

Keith imagined the kid must have had a fake I.D. He couldn't be old enough to drink. Keith sat there at the bar studying him, for a good long while. After all, he was waiting for some long lost friend from high school to show up. Needless to say, it would be a night how this buddy would brag about his new job, his family, his vacations. Keith could hardly wait for that. He guessed.

But soon enough, this fresh face, who was sitting next to him drinking shots of vodka got shit faced as quickly as possible.

"Hey, slow down there." Keith was really going to have watch this newbie. "The nights still young." He introduced himself and after while once the alcohol set in Spencer told him all about his breakup.

"I bet he just didn't want to buy you anything for Christmas." Keith nodded. He'd been there. He knew how that felt. Why were people like that? Well, he didn't want to bore him. Keith nursed his beer. Looked at his watch. Still a no show from the guy everyone loved in high school.

Of course, it was hard to know if Spencer was happy or sad. It was kind of puzzling. Finally, Spencer stumbled off his stool.

"Woe, there, see, I told you take it easy." Keith grabbed him by the jacket before he fell. "Why don't I take you home?" He'd only had one watered down beer he'd hardly drank half of. Keith studied his face more. Damn, if he didn't remind him of himself. He really didn't want anything bad to happen to Spencer.

Soon enough, he got him loaded up in his little sports car. Seriously, he felt some sort of brotherly favor to him. It just didn't seem right to see him, all alone on Christmas eve. He'd see to him. And he did. He got out his wallet and found Spencer's address. Got him up the snow covered steps and into the house. He found his room quick enough before Spencer passed out on him completely. Keith shut the door behind him and stood there in the hallway where he saw a wall of pictures.

There was a history before him. Spencer with a ribbon for something. Him and old woman. More pictures of them together. Her kissing his cheek. That smile of his. His eyes all wide eyed. He looked happy. Maybe. And then he saw a picture of her.

Keith backed into the wall, and leaned there, just staring. He blinked tears. There was a picture of Spencer with Keith's mother.


ellie said...

I'm glad he found Spencer. For so many reasons.

meg said...

Wow. About Keith.

Cafe Fashionista said...

At least he has Spencer in his life now. :/

She is Sara said...

Wow. What a way to find out!

izzy and dev said...

Just in time, too.

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

Lovely. Happy belated Christmas! x hivennn.

meg said...

I think I like keith.

ori said...

Totally awesome!