Wednesday, December 29, 2010

always the real deal

"Who are you?" Benny managed to snatch some of his mother's egg rolls to take over to Spencer's. It was the best gesture he could do. He was at least checking up on him. It was early Christmas morning. He'd bowed out of all the Christmas unwrapping because as it was.. all he got.. a Game Stop gift card and that was it. He really hated Christmas because after all his mother kept telling him Christmas was for kids. So here he was at Spencer's not even 8 a.m. and a stranger's at the door.

"Uh." The guy looked a bit like Spencer, but then maybe Spencer had picked someone up. Perhaps he liked being with someone who was an awful lot like himself. Benny waited kind of disgruntled, but it was hard to tell. Benny was pretty much his usual self. He'd had the most uneventful holiday ever. He hadn't a clue where Ali had gone, and frankly he didn't even care. He'd blame her for putting him in this pissed mood. It was hard to be nice when no one bothered to tell you what they were doing or if they wanted to spend Christmas with you. And true, he'd been the best friend he could to her, and obviously, that was not ...enough.

"Keith.." He gave him a quick grin. "I just..just helping out. I thought I'd stay the night."

"Helping out?" Benny was suspicious, naturally, as he looked around the barren space. "Is he all right?"

"Probably, just a hang over." Keith sighed. "You want coffee?"

"Sure." Benny barely said as the went to put the egg rolls in the fridge.

"You're his friend, then?" Keith handed him over a cup of black coffee.

"We're in a band." Benny went to put sugar in his black coffee.

"Spencer's in a band?" Keith chuckled.

"Yeah, he plays keyboard and I play the drums." Benny finally had his coffee perfectly sweet with four teaspoons of sugar. He sipped it with contentment then as he made himself at home in the kitchen.

"Huh, I never thought-"

"Yeah, well, you should have checked out the basement." Benny informed him. It was where they kept their band equipment.

Keith grinned more as he stared at Benny. "I bet you're a real bitch, aren't you?"

Benny gave Keith a dead stare then. "Who in the hell are you?"


ellie said...

That was the last thing I thought Keith would say to Benny.

Cafe Fashionista said...

That totally came out of left field. :/

She is Sara said...

Wow, I wonder how they are going to get along in the future?

simon and josh said...

I loved Benny's line.

the Oaks said...

This could get very interesting.

Yesha said...

I find it funny. Their conversation. :))

lily said...

Oh..this is so..catching Benny off guard.

ori said...

I love this. Maybe Benny has met his match.