Friday, December 31, 2010

with a twinkle in the eye

How did he do it? Sarah stared at Craig as if she might be right in the middle of a motion picture movie. He was such a chameleon. Not that he'd dyed his hair. He hadn't.

But her mother was madly in love with him. The whole family had fallen in love with him at Christmas.

"Oh my god! Sarah finally has a boyfriend." And it didn't matter what he did, her mother just made over him as if he were her favorite present of all. All he needed to do was smile. Tell her how wonderful this dish was or that decoration, or how adorable Sarah was when she was a baby. Sarah set there cringing, watching them make over her scrapbooks of ballet and tap dancing pictures.

What had she gotten herself into? But as it was, she had to wonder if her mother thought they were going to be married. She gushed over him so. If that wasn't enough, she was pretty sure her Dad had a guy crush on him too. Craig said all the right things. To everyone. Even to her.

"What's your catch?" She asked once they were alone back at her place. "There has to be one."

"Are you going mental on me?" He chuckled. "I can't help it, if they like me." She could see her parents instantly trusted him. He had a way of saying nice things. And he'd done so many good deeds this holiday.

He thanked her for letting him stay.

"Seriously, my brother and his girl have a lot to work out. I dunno what I'm suppose to do." He looked at her as if he really needed her to help him out.

"Lucy? She has a name. They're having a baby." Sarah reminded him.

"You make it sound so sweet and cuddly." His laugh was lite. "I can hardly stand it."

"What do you want me to do?" Sarah winced.

"Funny that you ask." He was all smiles. "You have room for one more." He looked around her apartment.

For a second she wanted to tell him to move in with her parents, but they would probably send him here.


ellie said...

Is he just worming his way in...or is he changing?

molly said...

Well, Craig sounds perfect. I know he's gotta be flawed. Just gotta.

Holly said...

That Craig is something.