Sunday, January 2, 2011

the longest New Years ever

Really, the whole new years thing was kind of mellow with Lucy.

Todd watched the entire season of Vampire Diaries with her. He couldn't think what else to do. That way, he was there and he waited on her about every hour with a new snack to try. It was best to get on with this. No long drawn out episodes of who did what to who. It was done. They would just have to make the best of it.

And maybe he'd missed this. Their friendship. He tried to tell himself that he had. Of course, there was no Craig to bother with. Still, it would have been nice if he could have spent at least an evening with them, but his brother was still distant as ever.

So they slept with the TV on. It was like a big pajama party. He guessed it was best to keep it that way, during the holidays. There were no presents to open, no significant dinner to be had, but they made do. They had cheese fondue with apples and bread. Then another round with chocolate. He was sure they'd be sick before it was over.

He kept trying to stop thinking about Spencer, wondering what he was doing. Perhaps he'd never left the couch. But maybe Benny had been there for him. And they'd had some sort of passionate moment, out of sadness. And now Benny and Spencer were together.

It pained him to think it, that way. But then again, he didn't like the thought of Spencer being alone. Yet, he kind of liked the idea of Spencer pining for him, a week or two. Perhaps a month. Forever. Cheesy thought he knew, and of course once again, he was eating cheese whiz on a spoon.

Finally, Benny stopped by. He brought them egg rolls and naturally, they ate them for brunch. Technically, it was three in the afternoon when he got there, but they had slept a good part of the day.

"Well?" Todd looked at him as if Benny had been on a special mission of some sort.

"What?" Benny was so unchanged. Todd bet Benny was wearing the T-shirt he wore from the day before, or maybe all his Ts were black and bland.

"Is he all right?" Even Lucy wanted to know.

"I guess." Benny shrugged. "He had someone over."

"Some one over?" Todd tensed as if he would not touch one of those egg rolls because someone was with Spencer, but Lucy wasted no time when she found the food.

"Yeah, some guy, he met at a bar." Benny sighed as if he were only the messenger.

"A guy? At a bar?" Todd hugged himself tightly and paced about like he might go mad. He squinted hard as if he might go into a fit. "He doesn't do things like that? Not Spence."

"Yeah, this guy named Keith." Benny shrugged.

"Keith?" Todd winced. What the fuck did this mean? "You have to go back." Todd looked Benny in the eye. He had to know more. He had too.

"Why?" Benny pulled a face as if he'd do no such thing.

"You have to save him. Its a rebound." Todd squinted hard. Didn't Benny have any idea what was going on?

"I don't even like the guy." Benny informed him. "He said I was a bitch."


Cafe Fashionista said...

I can't wait to find out what he decides to do. :)

nick and heath said...

Oh, I feel sad for Todd. But I wonder what Benny will do...

She is Sara said...

Oh, poor Benny :( But, I wonder if Todd will do something?

ellie said...

I do wonder what Todd will do if he thinks Spencer is with someone.

better days said...

They have a lot of talking to do.

meg said...

I hope Todd will be able to find a way to be there for Lucy and hopefully, Spencer too.

ori said...

I can't decide who I want Todd to be with. He must be having a difficult time.

Diana Mieczan said...

Wish you a very Happy New Year, sweetie
Have a lovely day