Saturday, January 8, 2011

just the notion

Keith knew he had to give Spencer some time. It was new to the both of them. How were they suppose to be family when they grew up not ever really having one? But he planned to be there for him. He needed to get back to the University where he taught Ancient Warfare. It wasn't really his idea, but he'd take whatever they'd offer him. He was on his own now. And for the first time, he liked that. He really wasn't sure it would ever happen. Yet he wasn't exactly sure how his brother would feel about how he got where he did, anyhow.

"Then why do I have to know?" Benny was his usual pessimistic self, Keith wanted to laugh, but he knew it took a lot out of benny to get him down to that bar where he'd met Spencer. It was easy to see Benny was out of his element. He sat there in the booth, practically in the dark, peeling the label off the long neck beer bottle.

"I wanted to be honest with you." Keith stared back at Benny, who would hardly look up at him. "I don't really think of myself as a gigolo so don't, go thinking that."

"You in movie or something?" He thought he might have seen Benny smile.

"No movie involved." Keith sipped his beer, although, he would have rather had a fine red wine, but he guessed this would do. "See, this..this you've got going for you,  can work, if you find the right party."

"What the fuck are you getting at? You gonna call me a bitch, again?" Benny winced.

Keith watched, thinking this was Benny flirting.

"Should I?" Keith asked. "Look, you can play hard to get all you want, but you need to be a bit attainable..somewhere down the line."

"Attainable?" Benny gave him a hard glare.

"I'm not talking about waiting for a coat to go on clearance. You gotta put yourself out there. Have you ever put yourself out there, Ben?" Keith was serious. It was quiet for a bit. "Well, I have." He was quiet then. Benny kept peeling at that label in bits all over the table.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm eager to see what Keith is about to reveal about himself. :)

ellie said...

I loved this conversation.

Yesha said...

Lol. I like peeling the labels, too.

The word gigolo made me laugh. :))

better days said...

I have a friend who always does this when we go out.

meg said...

This made me smile. I wonder what he wants...

She is Sara said...

lol they are kind of funny around each other :)