Monday, January 10, 2011

the potential

Benny was getting a little creep-ed out, but he was listening to Keith.

There was a part of him that felt sad for Keith. Possibly, disgusted. All Keith's men friends had been old.

Benny couldn't help but grimace. He couldn't imagine being out with an old fart. He was sure their farts smelled old because well, his Dad was a pretty old fart.

"What? You stole their money?" Benny shook his head. This Keith was horrible.

"They left me their money?" Keith shrugged and he drank his beer... then got the waitress to bring another round.

"That's whack." Benny shook his head, wondering why he'd even said it. He should have darted out of here ten minutes ago, but here was waiting to hear what Keith had next to say. He guessed he'd said the rapper phrase, just to show Keith he was no where in his league. In his heart, it was confirmed. Benny was a loner who would always live in his folks' basement next to laundry room that reeked of cat pee.

"How much?" Benny finally wanted to know.

"Enough to finish my education on and then some. I have a house. Its not a mansion or anything, but its mine." Keith nodded.

Benny looked at the table and the mess he'd made with the label of the beer bottle, wondering just what Keith would ask him next. "You want me to see some old men?"

"No." Keith had a good laugh then. "I want to date you."

Benny looked up at him as if he couldn't be serious.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm proud of Keith for coming clean. :)

simon and josh said...

Oh, Benny. This was good. I hope Benny see's the 'light'..with Keith.

ellie said...

oh, Benny, yeah, I could see why Keith would find him intriguing.

meg said...

Oh, Benny..I hope he gives him a chance.