Friday, January 28, 2011

lock, stock and barrel

At least, Keith got Benny in his car and they sped away into the night. It wasn't terribly late. There was the mall to go to that tried to be like the city square. Of course, it didn't do much to walk from store to store in the cold snowy night.

They went to various stores and he finally found a black pea-coat that suited Benny. Keith couldn't help but smile. Benny was beautiful, and he needed to be treated this way.

Benny just winced as he looked at himself in the mirror. Then he saw the price and Keith thought Benny might pass out.

"Its half price, don't get sick on me." Keith winced back as he smoothed down the shoulders.

"I couldn't. I can't have something like this." Benny's hoodie looked as if it had had its better day. The old V-neck sweater he wore under it, was so frazzled and even his kakis were thin.

"Yes. You have too. I want to buy you something." Keith wanted him to wake up here. He needed these things.

"But-but if you pay for it..I'll..I'll have to-" He was stumbling for words.

"Oh, Ben, what am I gonna do with you?" Keith smiled. "You are not a charity case. I just- can't you let me?"

Benny shook his head, no.

"I'm buying it." He helped him out of the coat. "And when you decide you want it, well, it'll be here for you." As they were leaving, Keith grabbed some sweaters and pants too. All for Benny. But he wasn't going to dare tell him that.

If only Benny knew how much he wanted him, Keith looked at him who followed him as if he just got off the boat and was dazzled by everything. He was making it all so awkward for Keith. He thought of how he'd been on such occasion not all that long ago. He'd taken whatever they were offering. But Benny was different, and Keith had never felt this way about anyone..until now.

"I'm sorry." Keith apologized.

"Its all right. I don't care for fashion." Benny shrugged.

"But you look cold." Keith told him.

"Aw, I got you to keep me warm." Benny gave him a half cocked smile. He nudged Keith then.

"This mean your sleeping over?" Keith shouldered him right back.

"God, um, it would be interesting." Benny almost nodded.

"Interesting." Keith smiled more. He would kiss him right now, but he knew Benny would think he was crazy. And maybe he was for him. Maybe he was, but it could wait.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm glad that they're taking it slow. :)

E.L. said...

Me, too. I hope it'll be great.

ellie said...

I love Benny. I think Keith does too.

Holly said...

I hope it works out.

Meg said...

I hope Keith doesn't do something stupid to screw things up.

meg said...

Lets hope they are good for each other.

Yesha said...

Lol @ charity case. Made me laugh. :)))

Through My Eyes said...

I'm glad that they are not rushing through this.