Monday, January 24, 2011

praying that our luck gets better

"Lets do this." Craig said to Todd one Sunday morning when Todd had the day off.

"Do what?" Todd wasn't sure what he was getting at.

"You know, the wall." Craig handed him a sledge hammer, of course, Todd almost dropped it on his foot.

"You and me?" He winced with a laugh. "When have we ever done anything? Together?"

"Well, we are now." So he lead the way. And they crashed through the shelves. In about five minutes there was more space, but quite a mess.

"So now what?" Todd could hear Lucy saying how they left everything a mess.

"We fix it." Craig shrugged. Although, Todd felt he was taking care of more of the damage than he was. Just what he needed on a day off, back breaking work.  But Craig took the trash bags down to the dumpster so Todd could vacuum.

Soon enough Todd was telling Craig all about the work Spencer and he had done on his grandmother's house while he was putting up wood to bandage the wall they'd tore down.

"Sounds like you two did a lot together," Craig said.

"Yeah." Todd wish he hadn't said so much. He was doing his best to keep away from him. It was tough being a part, but it was a struggle to let go. He wanted to, but in his heart, a part of him felt he belonged with Spencer. So, he started to paint. He needed to keep busy. Maybe this was the best therapy possible, making this place a home.

"Hey, you had this big bed back here, the whole time?" Todd eyed the place where Craig slept. It was queen sized.

Craig just grinned. "Well, at least you won't be sleeping in the livingroom anymore."


Lux and Stan said...

That was nice of Craig. I'm glad Todd hasn't forgotten Spencer.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Craig can really e a sweetheart sometimes. :)

Holly said...

Craig can be a good brother.

She is Sara said...

Craig is pretty awesome!

meg said...

wow, this'll be great to have the whole place for Todd and Lucy.

Yesha said...

Aww. So nice of Craig. :)

molly said...

Finally, he's being a good brother.

我 MOI said...

sweet (:

cait said...

I'm glad they are helping each other.

Through My Eyes said...

Craig is so sweet (: