Saturday, February 19, 2011

closing time

"Do you think he'll be all right with Pink?" Keith nudged Benny as they drank at their rum Coke.

"I've seen him with worse." Benny nodded. He sipped his drink through a straw.

"I don't think he'll get hurt." Spence winced as he played with his mohito drink. "I think he likes it rough."

"Well, he's a selfish bastard, if you ask me." Keith decided. He smiled then at Ali. "I think you're gonna save these boys. You know that, Ali?" He reached for Benny. He couldn't think of a time that he felt this close to any group. It was a thrill to be with them all. His little brother included.

Still, he wished he could find Spencer someone. But it just couldn't be anyone. Hopefully, Spencer would meet someone soon enough. He just hoped Spence was over Todd. He didn't dare mention his name.

The bar was closing up. One last round of drinks. Keith looked over and saw someone was looking at Spencer. He wasn't sure if he should leave just yet. He couldn't let anything happen to his little brother.


Yesha said...

I hope it's not trouble. o_O

Love your new layout. :D

ellie said...

Its funny what they say and think of Casey.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Their thoughts on Casey are hilarious!! :P

molly said...

I'm glad Keith is looking out for his little brother.

better days said...

Such funny guys. I'm glad Keith said nice things to Ali, too.

Through My Eyes said...

That was pretty funny about Casey, I think that Keith is a good guy (: