Saturday, February 5, 2011

now that I know

Casey threw a fit when he got the local music magazine with the article Nina had written.

She said they were all gay and who the was the gayest? Well, Casey was as far as he was concerned. She'd written the whole article as if it had been a lovefest between he and Cory.

He stomped on the magazine for starters. How could she have done such a thing? He'd slept with her, after all. That was not gay. Nothing about that was gay. He might have screamed it aloud or in his head. What the hell was he suppose to do now?

If that wasn't enough, he'd gotten a call about Ali. Someone really loved her sound.

"Well, she's not a solo act. She's with the band." He got testy on the subject that some local recording studio was interested in her. Of course, she hadn't signed a contract with them, but he wasn't going to tell her any of this.

He was furious with everything, and he was still a custodian at the high school. Oh yeah, his rock n roll lifestyle was really being a pain in the ass. What he really needed to do was set this straight with Nina, but she wouldn't take his calls.

But instead he heard from Cory.

"What are you trying to do to us!" Naturally, he was irate about the article.

"Don't you know, everyone loves a gay band these days." Casey found himself saying. It sounded like something Nina would say. "It'll be all right. It will be all right." Of course, Casey didn't believe that for a minute.


ellie said...

Casey's getting mean.

She is Sara said...

Poor Casey. I think he is under a lot of stress.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Casey seriously needs to chill out; otherwise he's going to alienate everyone in his life. :/

Yesha said...

Oh noes. I think he needs to calm down.

Through My Eyes said...

I guess that what they say is true, sex is sex, but not love. As for Casey she needs to relax a bit, maybe that is why she is a bit on edge.