Thursday, February 3, 2011

just a notion

"I'm proud of you," Sarah said, putting the basket of fruit on the kitchen counter at Todd's place. "I really am." She gave Lucy a hug. "You always were a fighter."

Of course, Lucy wouldn't smile. She looked as if she was trapped in her own home.

"I have to exercise, you know." Sarah couldn't tell if Lucy was being silly or miserable.

"What are you doing?" Sarah asked.

"Going up and down these stairs, mostly." It was too cold to take a walk. So much snow to contend with, too...and ice.

"Are you sure you should be doing that?" Sarah looked at her concerned.

"Are you sure you should be living with a guy?" Lucy said a bit snide.

"What is that suppose to mean?" Sarah could see Lucy wasn't the slightest friendly.

"You're just leading him on, thats what this is." Lucy hugged herself.

"And..and you'd rather that Craig be here? Is that it?" Sarah glared at Lucy then.

Lucy hushed up. She went to look at the oranges and apples. She took an apple.

"I'm moody sometimes." She finally looked back at Sarah.

"Even to Todd?" Sarah bit the corner of her bottom lip. Suddenly, she felt really bad for him.

"Kind of." Lucy shrugged. But Sarah could see Todd had braided her hair. He'd done her nails too. She might have been in pale yoga pants and an over sized sweater..but someone was being treated like a princess.

"You have to stop that." Sarah told her. "He cares about you-"

"Stop it. I know that." Lucy gave her a scowl and bit into an apple after she washed it, even if Sarah had washed the fruit and took the sticky stickers off them.

"What is the problem then?" Sarah went and looked at the stack of magazines on the coffee table. There were all sorts of celebrity magazines, but some interior decorating ones too.

"I feel guilty." Lucy went to put on the kettle. "I'm-I'm keeping him from..." Lucy couldn't say it. She let out a breath then.

"Look, he made his choice. He's with you. Just try not to worry so much. Enjoy this. Enjoy now." Sarah sighed. It was all any of them could do. Wasn't that the way it worked?


cait said...

Lucy should feel guilty. A little, anyway. But I liked Sarah's advice.

ellie said...

Its good to see them talk. Lucy needs a good least 1.

Lux and Stan said...

Lucy needs friends.

Through My Eyes said...

Sarah had good advice, though I can't help but feel bad for Lucy, even though technically it is slightly her fault, but I am not very good when it comes to blaming people

Meg said...

Lucy seems a bit spoilt

Cafe Fashionista said...

I think that Lucy could really benefit from a few fabulous girlfriends! :)