Tuesday, February 1, 2011

my eyes want to talk to you

Well, this sucked. Lucy swelled a frown.

First she had to have cold jelly on her belly and ...what a god awful creature inside her. He creeped her out. She was scared. So scared. Why couldn't they do a transplant right now? And let Todd carry the baby the rest of the way.

"Shots?" Lucy scowled. Were they serious?

"You can do this, Lucy." Todd was all serious. Squeezing her hand. God, if only he'd have sex with her. it would make everything better. They would be fine. But he wouldn't. He treated her as if she might crack. Yes, he slept with her. He'd cuddle her, but that was it.

"I don't want too." She hugged herself now as the paper gown crinkled.

"Don't talk like that. Don't be selfish. You have to take care of you and the baby. All right?" Those serious eyes of his made her want to fret more.

She was moved to a room, soon enough at the hospital. They were going to talk to her about nutrition and Gestation Diabetes.

"Look, I know what you can very well do to yourself," Todd said once they were alone. "The cutting, the bruises. You are a danger to yourself. A shot should be a piece of cake." She'd acted as if she were dying when they'd taken blood from her. Now she'd have to prick herself 4 times a day to see how her blood sugar was doing.

She turned away, festering a frown.

"You don't love me." Tears dripped down her face automatically.

"I do too. And you know it." He said it more harsh than he realized. She supposed. She knew where his heart was, and it wasn't with her. "I'm here, aren't I?"

Lucy sucked in a breath.

"If we're going to make the best of this, you have to try. You have to, Lucy. That baby is a part of me and you and..and we will both love it. And to love it, we have to love each other." Todd's brow furrowed. He gave her a festered frown too, as if two could play at this game.

"But you don't want to. You really don't." She could barely breath. A bit of her thought she might cut off air to the fetus and that would be so terrible. Just horrifying.

Todd brushed his fingers through her hair. He kissed her forehead.

"Please, believe me." He looked as if he might cry too. She took a deep breath, but before his lips could brush against hers..here came the nurse with the needle and medicine she'd be using. Lucy rubbed the tears away. She best be ready to learn how to take care of herself now.


ellie said...

It was good conversation to have with her.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Lucy is very lucky to have Todd. Everything will work out for the best for them, I believe. :)

Through My Eyes said...

It is a good thing Lucy has Todd to help her. Though I would pretty much lose it if I were Lucy too. I mean, I HATE needle work. Plus, I would think Todd only said that because he wasn't the one dealing with the shots, but I know in his heart he means well.

Krystal said...

communication is key, they seem to be good at it!

E.L. said...

I hope they'll do OK.

meg said...

Hopefully, this is enough to get them through this.

Cait said...

I'm glad he's there for her.

Anonymous said...

The key factor to any type of relationship is communication.