Saturday, April 30, 2011

being told

Todd couldn't help but have a big outburst when he found out what had happen to Sarah. Of course, he got a laugh from the officers down at the station. It was as if his brother was their golden boy.

"You, won't fuck this up!" Craig was adamant about it once he had Todd alone, back at the flat. He punched him in the stomach for good measure. "Now leave it alone."

"How can I? You've ruined everything." Todd winced hard, holding in what he could of himself.

Lucy had gone off the deep end. He didn't know what was real with her, anymore. He was sure it was Craig's fault about Gage's plunge into a coma. This was serious. Nothing was like it used to be. It was like waking up in a nightmare. "These are horrible times, all because, you, came back!"

"You really are totally useless to me, you know that, don't you?" Craig was of course being in different.

"Evidently, Sarah wasn't." Todd frowned about to have a melt down. "You're sick! You know that!"

Craig smiled and gave his brother a friendly slap on his cheek.

"You're just so clever, aren't you? Maybe it's you who are the sick one. Sick in the head. Maybe its a good time for you to have a break down." Craig looked at him as if he could fix this. Shut his brother up, good and proper.

"What!" Todd scowled. He pressed his lips tight. He knew it was more than a warning. Perhaps an ultimatum. "All right. Just..just leave me alone." Someone had to be sane around here. Lucy was having his baby.

"Can I trust you?" Craig looked him in the eye.

"Of course." Todd meant it too. He kept his head down. Todd didn't like being put in his place, but it was time to be quiet now. Very quiet before things got worse.


ellie said...

Its so unfair. Something has to be done about Craig.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Craig is truly out of control! :/

meg said...

Craig is evil!

griffin said...

What a bad brother.

Holly said...

Craig is getting so mean.

molly said...

Craig is really getting demanding here.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Oh wow, what a horrible brother! Someone has to stop him!