Friday, April 22, 2011

crashing forward

"GOD NO." How could this have happened? At least Keith was at the hospital with Spencer. Gage was in surgery. Some spunky nurse told him it would be a very long surgery, especially, if they were going to put him back together again.

"I don't understand. Why was he at Lucy's, anyway?" Keith winced hard, wrapping his arms around his brother to console him.

"I dunno." Spencer seriously didn't. What could have gone wrong? Well, Lucy had enough sense to call 911. Thankfully. He'd been rushed to the hospital. Lots of broken things. Blood leaking here and there. It was awful. But no code blue. He so hoped Gage made it through.

"How will this be paid for?" That was Keith's worry.

"It doesn't matter. He has to be fixed. Has too." Spencer was in a meltdown. He felt his brother pull him back, to look at him.

"I should have seen it coming." Some one shouted from behind them. It was Todd. Spencer hadn't seen him face to face in so long.

"Todd? What are you doing here?" He wasn't expecting him.

"I'm sure they thought Gage was my brother." Todd was so certain. "Its his fault. All of it." Losing Lucy, Spencer suspected.

"But-" Spencer didn't want to point fingers, and that really wasn't on his mind when he felt Todd hug him close. Resting his head, on his shoulder. He just knew they'd kiss. A flashback hit him. How it used to be. The two of them, anywhere, anytime. It was always new and timeless. Until now.

"I'll do what I can. I want my brother put away." Todd stared deeply into Spencer's face now. He was so close, and yet Spencer knew he was talking to someone else. Not that boyfriend who liked to paint his nails and tell him how beautiful he could be with eye-liner. Where was that boy now?

Spencer just nodded. He knew exactly where he needed to be. He knew how close he'd become with Gage. It was spectacular yet such grace. Spencer's eyes welled up with tears once more. He just wanted his Gage back. The way it was suppose to be.


ellie said...

Hopefully, Gage will be OK.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Fingers crossed that Gage will be okay! :(

molly said...

Hope it all goes OK for Gage.

griffin said...

I'm glad Todd showed up. Maybe it'll be better.

little t said...

Gage will be okay?

Lux and Stan said...

Such a terrible time. Hopefully, all will be better.

hollyoaks fan fic said...

I'm sure the waiting is hard.