Sunday, April 24, 2011

in the dark corner

Nobody knew. And it was well forgotten now. Especially in the mind that Gage once had. He was a thief.

It was only once, and it was a favor of a favor, really. All because, he'd taken refugee on someone's couch. He owed them. That's the way it went down. It wasn't like he had anyone at the time to fend for him. He couldn't get out of it.

First it was to knock off the liquor store. See if he could do it. Then he might help with the drug store robbery. It was a task to see him at work.

"Well, I don't like it. I'll get caught." He'd been worried. Told them he was not a criminal. It just wasn't in his blood, but as luck would have it, he scared the old woman that night in the Lady GaGa mask, and she handed over the money. He even got the whiskey they'd asked for too. Then came the drugs. It was the three of them. Three people... he didn't really know. Didn't want to know.

It had been tricky that night. Just the rawness hadn't been so clever, and he barely made it out of there before the cops came. Glass in his hair, cuts on his face. It was just wrong. So he'd walked away. Carefully.

Gage hadn't looked back. He found someone at the grocery store to take him in. Yet, that had meant a run... later when her father found out he'd been sleeping on her floor. Not that he would ever lay a hand on the teenager. He just couldn't. Instead, he'd listened steady to her love life, how boys her age only cared about video games and getting shit faced. He told her she'd have to not give in. There would be the right one some day. She'd have to let the right one in.

After that, he soon became a loner at the park. Someone's late night diner. He was good at sleeping, standing up in dark corners. Even had himself a place to sleep in the back space by the colas at the grocery. He went on.

As it was, he didn't even know someone was looking for him. And as they'd told him. "A pretty face can only get you so far..."

He didn't want Spencer knowing any of this. Now he never would.


Syed said...

Everyone has moments in their past they would rather forget about. It's what you do in the here and now that matters and makes you a better person.

ellie said...

Its good to know more about Gage's past. I feel even more sad for him.

molly said...

One of my favorite posts yet..of this.

Cait said...

Gage has had it harder than I knew.

Krystal said...

that is a sad life :(

Cafe Fashionista said...

I can't help but to empathize with Gage; he's had it rough. :(

griffin said...

Feel'n so sad for this

She is Sara said...

This was so dark!