Tuesday, April 26, 2011

looking on the inside

"Well, its just absurd." It was hard not to crack a smile, but Craig was doing his best to keep up with the questions the law enforcement kept asking. "I didn't know a thing. Someone like Sarah? No. Never. No. It couldn't be."

Of course, he wasn't even sure he wanted to see her in the orange jump suit. Did he really want to go through with this? Well, he had too. He did. Obviously, he was covering his tracks, very well. He had. Incognito. The works. Damn, if it would have been even better to be sipping a fancy drink in Rio right now, but as luck would have it..he couldn't exactly bring any attention to himself. He had to play the dumb jock. Who was a fool for Sarah. Just a fool.

"I love her. I do." He was serious. He would stand by her as long...as he could. But it was chaos now, down at the police station. He was about to break into a sweat. He felt himself choking for air. He shut his eyes tight, hoping to pray, but instead he screamed out. "I WANT TO SEE HER!"

So it was hush hush for a moment. He looked at the suits, even eyed the weapons the dupties carried. He surfaced for air. Finally someone said the best they could do was a visit in the glassed in area. Soon enough, after a few stairwell walks to the basement, Craig found himself face to face with Sarah. He picked up the phone and took a seat, so did she.

Of course, the orange suit didn't become her. It was all so grim. She was washed out. Not a lick of massacre or anything else. Sarah didn't look like herself, at all. Except for the eyes. So wide. The eyes were still innocent.

"How you been?" He just said as if he might choke on his words.

"What is happening to me?" She begged and by the cringe of her eyes he knew she hadn't a clue.

"Dunno." He shivered. He cleared his throat, and raked his hair back, as if to think. Think what to do. What to say.

"I'll find a good lawyer." Yeah, that was the ticket. He'd get her out on some sort of bond. Only, it was so much. No one could get her out of prison with the price they were asking. "I will get you out of here." He stared at her, even lipped, as if they'd torn her from him. As if he were without a heart now. Even though, he knew on the inside, he'd always been heartless. Nothing could change him now.


ellie said...

He is the coldest.

ellie said...

p.s..like the header too.

Cafe Fashionista said...

He could really benefit from having a bit more compassion towards others. :/

meg said...

Craig is evil.

Edie said...

Craig is such an interesting character... will be very interesting to see how he turns out.

By the way - thank you so much for your thoughtful comment on my blog :-)

Best wishes,

griffin said...

How did he get so mean?

Syed said...

Just when you think he is warming up...darn cold.

She is Sara said...

Ugh Craig is insane.