Thursday, April 14, 2011

hopelessly devoted

Casey was timid at the brunch with Nina's parents, Kevin and Doris. They seemed like the country club bunch. Both in soft pastels and healthy glowing smiles. Casey knew he was pretty much not what they wanted for their daughter. Considering, he might be looking straight into his father's face, who seemed to be ready to judge him.

"What is it you do, again?" His sharp eyes were on Casey.

"He's in a rock band, Daddy." Nina was quick to point out. Of course, she was all over Casey. Pushing his hair back with her finger tips and pulling his collar in place. He was her essential Ken Doll..he presumed. So he plastered a happy smile on his face. Really, he did have a good teeth if nothing else.

", doesn't he have a real job?" Her dad was concerned.

"Oh, Daddy, he's looking for a better one, OK?" She was like a little imp around her Dad. Casey couldn't help but see her personality change. At home, she was loud, setting off the F-bomb every chance she got.

"How's that coming with that news job. The one with the TV station. You know, where you actually report the news." Her mother chimed in then.

"They say, if I had the look." Suddenly, she was timid. This was all so new to Casey. He didn't know about any TV job.

"Well, of course, you have it, Luv. Just lose this icky party girl scene of yours. Its not that becoming. You can't look like that when you're thirty or even fifty. You have to be more conservative." Her mother told her.

Yes, conservative. Casey could barely smile. So much was changing. A part of him wanted to take this Kevin to the side and tell him. Or at least ask, "Did you ever meet this woman?" He had a high school picture of his mom in his wallet. If only he could clear up the insanity. Perhaps everything else would fall into place.


Krystal said...

gotta love those parents!

Cat said...

Just goes to can't always judge a book by it's cover!

ellie said...

Oh boy, this might be a real learning experience for the both of them.

Lux and Stan said...

Wow, now he's married to a TV news reporter..maybe.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Wow, they sound fun..haha. I'm so glad my parents aren't like that! Poor kid!

She is Sara said...

wow, this was interesting and funny!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Wow! That was a bit of news I never in my wildest dreams expected. :/