Tuesday, April 12, 2011

just a technicality

"Lucy's back home now." Ali told Spencer during a break at one of their jam sessions. Yes, they were still needed down at the club on Friday nights. People still wanted to listen to them even if it were mainly cover songs. Cory didn't seen to feel their original songs were ready yet and Casey was kind of there. He'd show up late, tell everyone how great they were doing. He wasn't really in the band, much.

"I hope she's OK." Spencer did try a show of concern.

"NO, she's not with Todd. She's at her house. She's scared to be at Todd's." Ali acted like there might be trouble still. But Spence wasn't sure if it were about gangsta-living or something between Lucy and Todd. Of course, Spencer knew it wasn't something he should worry about. But he was pretty sure, Todd didn't want her to be alone. This family stuff was so important to him, and Spencer truly admired that in him.

"Well, should we check on her?" Gage wanted to know after the show, the following Friday night.

"Why should we?" Spencer was skeptical.

"To keep you at ease. Just know how it is. You know, with Lucy." Gage was concerned.

"You'd think I was the one she was having the kid with." Spencer laughed. "Its not my business, really."

"But they are like family, even they might not want you. You are better friend, you know that." Gage took Spencer's hand. "We'll bring some groceries. See if she's really doing all right."

"All right." Spencer gave in. Still, he didn't know if it were his place. It hurt to think of Lucy with Todd's baby. He didn't want to feel this way. But it was true. Yet, it would help if he had Gage with him.


ellie said...

I dunno about this. But its good they want to help Lucy.

Holly said...

I like that Gage wants to reach out..but should he???

She is Sara said...

I love that they still care so much :)

the nyanzi report said...


Syed said...

I think they should check in on her, even it is a little overbearing. But at least it shows they care.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Lucy is lucky to have people who care so much about her! :)