Friday, May 6, 2011

the girl in the photo

Couldn't they be anywhere but here? Keith was not fond of being the look out guy while Benny broke in to Casey's grandmother's house to snoop around.

"We'll land in jail!" Keith warned. But it was too late, Benny unlocked the door. It was dark out.

"You worry too much. She's at Keno and my Dad loves to flirt. He'll keep her company." Benny gave him a devilish smile.

Keith thought he might break into a sweat. But his heart was pumping.

"Jesus, we're not thirteen." Keith winced hard as Benny hurried down the back hall to the old woman's room. Keith looked around at the livingroom walls, lined with framed pictures of Casey. Even in the dark, Casey was an adorable kid. Keith bit his bottom lip as he went to find out what Benny was doing. There was a massive amount of shoe boxes in the room. Keith just stared at them. "God, she loves shoes."

"Those are boxes of photos." Benny whispered.

"Photos!" Keith tensed.

"Start looking!" Benny told him.

"Must I?" Keith shook his head, no. But with a sigh. He went to work. He plopped down on the bed with the slick golden duvet and began to search. For something.

"What are we looking for?" Keith didn't get it. It was just more pictures of Casey.

"I dunno. A picture of his Mom with any guy. Something." Benny shrugged as he was digging through old photos too.

"This..this is like... crazy." Keith smirked as he jerked up a photo of obviously Casey in a base-ball uniform. There was just the lamp light by the bed for a dim visual. Keith found soccer pictures of Casey in yet another box. "Why didn't this guy get a scholarship or something? He was in enough sports, you know." There were pictures of him with trophies. Of course, no pictures of parents that Keith could make of. And then he came across a picture of a young girl and a teenage guy. Dark hair. Taller than Casey. but he had the dark hair and the dark eyes just like Casey.

"Could this be him?" Keith wondered.

"Huh." Benny took it. Turned it over. "Tammy and Will." Benny shrugged. He put the photo in his T-shirt pocket. Benny then passed a snap-shot he'd found of a little girl and a little boy in a plastic kitty pool, probably in his grandmother's back yard.

"That's gotta be Casey." Keith smiled. "But who's that girl?" The dark haired guy was in the photo too, that Keith had shown Benny.

"Not sure, but she looks awfully familiar." Benny squinted. "I should know who that is."

"Its not Nina, is it?" Keith winced too. Maybe Casey had known his sister a lot longer than he even knew.


ellie said...

Oh, Keith. Interesting find.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Keith is quite the detective. :)

meg said..., that was cool.

She is Sara said...

They are getting some clues, this was a good one!

molly said...

Cool detective work!