Tuesday, May 10, 2011

praying for a miracle

Todd stared at his tea cup. The tea was growing cold and so was his life, for that matter, as he looked around the kitchen that Lucy chose to stay in. Really, he wondered what she did during the day when he worked. It was quite disgusting. Newspapers piled up high. Magazines flooded the livingroom floor. It was a fire hazzard.

Tears welled in his eyes then. It was all so wrong. He didn't know why she wanted to be here. It didn't feel like a home to him. He listened then, looking at the ceiling. She was upstairs, talking to someone. It was just her talking.

What could they do for her? He wondered about medical treatment. She would have the baby soon. Then what? He didn't know if he could take care of her and the baby too. Did he talk to the doctors about this? Would they take her away? He wanted her to just be herself. He wanted her back. They were best friends once? Where had that gone?

Lucy appeared. All in black as if she were in mourning.

"Where have you been?" Todd set up and took notice.

"Talking to Sarah." She shrugged.

"On the phone?" He knew very well the cops weren't going to let Lucy call her. Or perhaps she was just channeling her. Was that it was?

"She's dying, you know. There is just one day less of her, every day." Lucy's words were cold. She talked about Sarah for some time. How Sarah had suspected this would happen all, along. "Its her way to get back at Cameron." She spoke in riddles now.

"Lucy? Did you really talk to her?" Todd looked at her quite seriously.

"It was Gage's idea, really." Lucy went to pour her a cup of tea.

"Gage?" Todd winced. "You know, he's in the hospital, don't you?"

"No, he's not." She grinned. "He's right upstairs."

Todd looked at the ceiling. The place was in complete silence.

"Lucy, I want you to come home with me." Todd had to persist.

"I can't." She told him. "I have to be here."

"Why? Can't-can't-Gage and everyone else, here, come with us?" Todd hoped this would work. He could sound crazy too.

"Why would we do that?" Lucy laughed. "I'm much safer here, than I'd ever be with you. I have people, Todd. I have people watching out for me."

"I suppose they'll take care of the baby too." Todd licked his dry lips. He got up then and washed the tea cup out. Seriously, she was disturbed. He needed her out of here before the place caught on fire.


O V said...

I'd be at my wits end by now..with Lucy.

ellie said...

Oliver needs to get her out of there.

Lux and Stan said...

Totally, has his hands full.

the oaks said...

Wow, Todd has his hands full.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Lucy is really out of control. :/

She is Sara said...

Wow, she really has lost it!