Thursday, May 12, 2011

going in circles

"Who is this, Casey?" Benny cornered him in Spencer's basement. They were their for a jam session even if Spencer was at Gage's bedside at the moment in the hospital.

Casey gave him a hard wince as he looked at the picture. "How should I know?"

"Its not Nina, is it?" Benny wanted him to take a closer look. He shoved the picture back in Casey's face even if he were trying to warm up his electric guitar.

"For God's sakes..." He took another look. "NO."

"What about the guy?" Benny really wanted him to focus on the baby picture. OK, they were probably pre-school. But they were two little kids playing in a pool of water.

"I.." He held his breath for a second. "That's Sarah." Casey looked at Benny wide eyed. "That's her Dad, Will."

"Got any answers about this?" Benny gave him the next photo. Sarah's Dad and his Mom.

"Where did you get this?" Casey festered a frown as he studied it.

"You Granny's room." Benny said point blank.

"You what? You stole this photo from my grandmother?" Casey gave him a disgusted look.

"Somebody had to do some digging, for you." Benny winced back taking the photo from him.

"Let me see that again?" Casey gave Benny a soured look. He examined both of the pictures for some time. Casey just sighed.

"You talked to Sarah, any?" Benny changed the subject. Sarah was still doing time.

Casey shook his head, no. He nursed his bottom lip then. Casey rubbed his wet nose with the back of his hand.

"I'm sure this would be the last thing she'd want to talk about." Casey was crying. Benny had never seen him quite this upset, before.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Poor Casey. :(

molly said...

At least Nina..isn't his sister..I hope.

O V said...

Casey is seriously in a bad way..

ellie said...

What a horrible time..but I think he knows...putting two and two..together.

simon and josh said...

Such sad time...for sure...

She is Sara said...

Oh no! I wonder if they made the right discovery?