Wednesday, May 18, 2011

you never know

Keith wanted to think about vacations and trips away from home. He had Benny all to himself now. Benny's mother hadn't been too awful. She hadn't even visited. Not even phoned. How could life be anymore peaceful?

Of course, he had a lot on his schedule with Spencer. Keith was worried about him. All that devotion to Gage, who he supposed deserved it. As it was, he hadn't had much luck getting a hold of Gage's father.

"Maybe its a good thing. Spencer says Gage's dad is monster." Benny told him. Keith guessed he was right. Maybe he'd gone looking for trouble, but wouldn't a family want to know if their child had been hurt? It just didn't seem logical.

"Gage's dad is part of the reason he's on the street to begin with." Benny informed him as he was cooking up a stirfry for them. As it was, it was on hold, about Benny learning to drive. Everything was about Spencer at the moment, who of course, was there for Gage.

"Wonder where his mother is?" Keith's arms were crossed. He was in thought.

"I have a feeling his father doesn't know." Benny shrugged as he put the steak stir-fry on the table.

"You know him, don't you?" Keith then winced.

"Kind of." Benny sat down then and served up the rice and dished out the hot spicy food. "Not really, he's a regular down at the comic book store. He likes his Marvel comics."

"Does he ever say anything?" Keith asked as he dug in to the one pot meal with lots of crunchy veggies.

"I don't really know him."  Benny told him.

"Could you, maybe..ask about...Gage's mother?" Keith shrugged.

"No." Final answer. Benny was too busy eating to say anything more.

Keith picked at his food. He knew a thing about mothers. His own was quite aloof. But maybe if Gage's mother knew about him, she might help in the situation, somehow.


ellie said...

oh..Benny. He would be that way.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Benny's behavior isn't surprising in the least. :/

griffin said...

I wonder if its a good idea to find Gage's MOM.

Through My Eyes said...

I guess in a way Benny is being realistic but I wish he was a bit more supportive. But you can't really change a person (:

molly said...

They are so opposite of each other.

Meg said...

It's a bit of a sticky situation they've got there. It might be best not to pry.

She is Sara said...

Looks like he might be getting in over his head :/

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

He needs to be nicer :(