Monday, June 27, 2011

another bites the dust

Craig knew it was the right thing to do. It should have been done yesterday or the day before. Why had he waited on one of the most humid days of the year?

"You'll have to forget me, you know." He stood behind Todd now as they watched the blaze of the building from the school behind the strip malls.

"Did you do this?" Even in the shade Todd looked as if he were blinded by the sunlight.

"It doesn't matter." Craig sighed.

"Lucy's house too?" Todd looked at Craig then. "You're nuts."

Maybe it was just his way to keep the cops off track. He didn't really know. It felt nice to see something burn. He guessed. Not that he was a psycho. Just under a lot pressure these recent days. Not sure what to do nor where to go or how to face Sarah, again. Perhaps, attempts to say goodbye. Only each time, he somehow slipped away.

"Don't hate me when I'm gone. Can you promise me?" Craig told him now as if he needed to hear a guarantee of some kind.

"You know I never liked you much, as a brother." Todd swelled with anger. "You were arrogant and selfish."

"I know." Craig winced, knowing his brother spoke the truth as if maybe he was missing some sort of chromosome that could possibly make him human. "But its different now. You gotta look after Sarah."

"Sarah? I have my hands full, you know." Todd scowled. "I have my own damn life to worry about. A family to provide for..and you! playing with fire. What is it with you? Tell me!" He grabbed at the neck of Craig's T-shirt.

"Look, the less you know, the better. All right. Just tell me, you'll look after Sarah while I'm gone." Craig sucked in a breath wishing he could hug his brother, but he knew Todd would slug him first as Todd shoved him away.

"Where the fuck are you going?" Todd's teeth gnashed as he looked at Craig in disgust.

"I'm going to do the right thing." There was no time to see Sarah. No way to say goodbye and that was the worst part. Wishing he could, but not having the heart to see her, again. Funny, he missed her now. He really did. He'd never had this horrible feeling before, and it would be there inside his gut, his heart.. haunting him that he'd never been in love, until now.


Holly said...

Very intriguing moment.

ellie said...

Craig is going off the deep end.

She is Sara said...

Oh wow this is crazy! Craig really needs some help.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I can't believe he set those fires! I wonder what's going on with him?

meg said...

Oh, he's at an all time low.

FWB said...

I do wonder where he's going??