Saturday, June 25, 2011

heating up

"Come on, out with it." Lucy glared at Todd the moment he stepped through the door. Was it really her or had she gone schizo? "Spill it! I haven't got all day." She even made the baby flinch slightly in her arms. Todd supposed this was his cue to take Lux. Perhaps he'd broken his promise already. He'd said he'd help out, but he'd been out the last four hours.

"Its nothing. Really." Even so, he was a bit guilty about what Casey took from the old record store. It wasn't their's to take. But no one stopped them from taking the stage piece by piece. Todd licked his dry lips and watched how peaceful Lux slept in his arms. She was beautiful and he felt as if he were her knight vowing to watch over her.

"Todd! What is it?" Lucy woke him up from the lazy day dream that they were not part of the round table, but here and now in this other fuzzy dream, where he could possibly make a living as a hairdresser. "What did you do with Casey?"

Todd caught Lucy's look of distrust.

"What? Don't you trust me?" Todd squinted.

"It depends. What did you do?" Lucy stood their in her butterfly kimono and devoured the whipped yogurt she'd opened.

"We stole a stage." He shrugged ever so quietly. "It was just gathering dust, you know, down at the old record shop."

"Oh." Well, now it wasn't much a problem by the way Lucy shrugged and went to find another yogurt. "Just as long you weren't making out with him."

Todd gritted. So this was what it boiled down to. Her trust in him. He went to put the baby in her room. They'd have to hash this out sooner or later. She was just aggravating at the moment.

As soon as he put Lux down, the sirens started up on the street. Todd went to take a look out the window. The fire truck blared its horn. There was Lucy's house to worry about. Wondering how that might be settled. They hadn't even taken a look at the old house, due to all the baby happenings.

"There's a fire." Todd found Lucy in the kitchen who was licking what was left of the yogurt on a spoon.

"Well, don't look at me." She frowned. "I don't have super powers."

Todd went down stairs into the empty street, to take a look. He crossed the street and headed toward where the truck went along with the cop cars. The old record shop was in flames.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope no one gets hurt. :/

glee said...

Thrilling, is anyone hurt?

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Cait said...

Hard seems.

Florence said...

:( awww

haha thanks for your smiley comment

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Through My Eyes said...

I can't believe the fire :( thats horrible

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I can't believe another fire started, how horrible!! Lucy isn't being that nice to him, she needs to learn how to trust again.