Thursday, June 23, 2011

just their luck

"Seriously, you'll open this place, so we can play here?" Casey grinned as he looked around the store where Todd wanted to open his business. "Why not open a tattoo parlor, too?"

"Look, I don't have that much space." As it was, there was a spot, sectioned off, where he could have his one chair for his salon clientele. There was a space up front for a so call boutique, which would mostly be Lucy's creations, including the Freaknoid T-shirts to sell too.

Toward the back was a nice space for an impromptu space. They had their own amps and electric guitars to set up in the space, but it would have been cool to build a bit of stage on the concrete.

"Come on, lets go down to the record store." Casey motioned for Todd to come with him. It was a bit of jaunt, but not so far from where Todd lived. They headed toward the old strip mall that had practically dried up. The comic book store was the only place left for business.

"How? Why?" Todd shot a nervous glance at Casey.

Soon enough, Casey picked the lock at the back door. "You've been here before." Todd winced as he followed him.

"Yeap, I worked here back in high school. Many moons ago."  Casey guessed it wasn't that long ago, but it felt like it. Lots of bands came through here and played to a Saturday afternoon crowd to mainly teenagers. It was unheard of now. Funny how times had changed.

There it was, the little stage, painted black. As it was..most of  the little record shop had been trashed. The windows covered in newspaper. No one could see what they were up too. Casey went to check out the little stage that might have been a foot or two off the ground. He jumped around on it. He remembered the crowds. He loved those days. It was all so innocent. No drinking. Just kids wanting to come out and see a live band. Have a meet and great, afterwards.

Casey sighed as he pulled out his cell phone. He clicked to who he knew with a pick-up truck. "Hey, remember that thing I mentioned to you? Yeah, well, I need your help."

"What was that about?" Todd looked at him puzzled.

"We got us a stage to save." Casey shrugged.

"What are you talking about?" Todd winced hard. "We can't do that."

"OK, we're borrowing it. We'll just say, you needed it for a wedding." Casey smiled. "We'll figure something out. Look, this place has gone to shit. Its about the only thing left, worth having."

"Precisely." Todd looked a bit uncertain about what was going to happen. Before he knew it, some old stoner dude showed up with a crow bar.

"That's why we're taking it." Casey got to work on getting the stage ready to load up. "Are you gonna help or what?"

Todd bit his bottom lip. "But we could go to jail."

"If you stop thinking about it that way... Look this thing has been just sitting here the last five years. Don't you think it wants a new home?" Casey suddenly gave the stage its own character.

"God, this..this could be.." Todd hesitated.

"We'll paint it red. Don't worry so much." With that they took the stage to the truck. Casey just hoped a cop wouldn't be waiting for them.


Cafe Fashionista said...

This doesn't sound like the best idea. :/

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I hope they don't get caught! not a great idea!

ellie said...

Oh, could he.

meg said...

This is so not what Todd needs.