Tuesday, June 21, 2011

as if

"Well, we have to do something." Spencer looked at Benny as if he'd have be in charge. "Its a little party. That's all. You can do that, can't you?"

Those sweet eyes of Spencer's kept waiting for an answer. He made Benny feel ..he were the backbone of the whole group. He didn't say band, just the group of them.

"How about a barbeque?" Spencer was all smiles. He was already saying how he was going to get Gage for this little celebration. Lucy's coming home party.

"What!" Benny shook his head. "Get your brother!" He snapped, but he put in a little laugh as if he wasn't that mad. It was just, he didn't want to do it.

"Please!" Spencer was grasping at Benny now as if he were begging him. They were, after all, in Benny and Keith's kitchen. It was very neat setting. Spotless in fact with shiny appliances. But then it was just the two of them. Not a house waiting for a party of five or so. Benny scrunched his face. "Let Keith decide. Its his house." Suddenly, Benny might as well have been the help.

About then Keith got home from work.

"What's going on with you two? Is this some sort of skit or role playing, I didn't know about?" Keith shrugged as he put away his laptop.

"Can we have everyone over? You know, for Lucy and Todd?" Spencer turned to his brother then.

"I told him, you decide." Benny pointed at him.

Keith looked at Benny with a wince.

"Why are you talking that way?" Keith told him he sounded like his mother. Perhaps he was doing a bit part for the cook's role on Bonanza.

"What do you mean?" Benny scrunched his face more. Keith rolled his eyes. He then promised Spencer they'd see to some sort party for the two. Spencer gave Keith a hug. He tried to hug Benny, but he pushed him, away. Spencer was on his way to see Gage.

"Why are you like this?" Keith grinned, pulling Benny in by the belt loop. "You're not the maid." He rested his hand on Benny's neck drawing him more.

"But I don't own it. You're place, you know." Benny reminded him.

"This is our place. You know that." Keith pushed his forehead to touch Benny's, who had to admit that he did enjoy Keith's touch and closeness.

"Maybe I don't like housework." Benny mumbled.

"Are you saying? You do all the cooking and cleaning?" Keith nudged closer with a smile.

"Possibly." Benny nodded. He enjoyed Keith's company so much.

"But you don't like my cooking." Keith reminded him. This was true. Benny sighed. They kissed then. Evidently, Keith didn't hold it, against him.


glee said...

I enjoyed this story. keep writing!

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meg said...

Oh Benny, he knows he's snagged Keith.

ellie said...

I think they are definitely a couple.

She is Sara said...

Haha what a cute moment :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

They are so cute together! :)

Through My Eyes said...

I really enjoyed this one (: