Saturday, June 11, 2011


It didn't take so long for Lucy to have her baby. And to their surprise, they welcomed a baby girl to the world instead of a boy.

"How did that happen?" Todd thought this was down to a science now with all the technology, available.

Of course, no one had an answer for him. Really, he'd wanted a girl to begin with. He'd shared this with about anyone who'd listen to him. Naturally, Lucy slept like a log, afterwards. So Todd was busy with the baby going over name after name in his head. What in the world would Lucy like in baby names? She never said.

"She looks like a Chloe to me." Keith suggested.

"No, definitely Amanda." Benny argued with him. Todd didn't even want to listen, anymore. He just wanted to caress the baby's fuzzy head and watch her sleep.

"Name her after Mom." Craig finally showed up as if he was a part of Todd's family, after all.

"Elenore?" Todd scowled. He didn't think so. No, her name would come to him, eventually. Also, he had to let Lucy decide, too. "Well, maybe you can name your own daughter, Elenore."

"What are you talking about?" Craig looked at Todd in disgust.

"Well, you know, Sarah." Todd shrugged. Too tired to even argue with his brother.

"What about Sarah?" Craig glared at Todd that he better fess up.

"Don't tell me, you don't know?" Todd looked a bit soured. Sometimes, he felt he and his brother could spend days looking soured at each other. Perhaps they brought out the worst in each other.

"Know what?" Craig winced hard.

"The baby." Todd spilled. "Well, Casey knows."

"Casey knows what?" Craig hugged himself.

'Sarah's gonna have a baby." Of course, Todd wasn't going to dare share his own with his brother. Craig would have to get close to Sarah. Todd kept his eye on his baby daughter. He really hoped Lucy liked the name Lux.

Todd looked up to see his brother wasn't there.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Lux would be the perfect name! :)

Through My Eyes said...

It's a girl! Aww she can be a daddy's girl (:

She is Sara said...

What a way to break the news!

ellie's desk said...

Craig and Todd still battl'n out I guess. Lux sounds wonderful.