Thursday, June 9, 2011

probably not

Cory hadn't meant to go down to the local music hall, alone. But he couldn't help it. He found out that an acoustic music tour was in town. Cory got there as soon as he got off work. He had to check it out. It was in his blood. Music. Cory wanted to live it, breathe it once again. Or perhaps, like he wanted to. Not like he had. He didn't want to play music with Casey, anymore.

Of course, the bands were obscure to most, but not to Cory. He'd followed some of these guys for years. He knew when Happy Johanson passed a kidney stone, that one time, and it was a freaking nightmare for those dudes, the rest of the summer. But they were together, unloading their stuff to set up for a sound check. For something unplugged, there still seemed to be a lot to plug in, he thought. There was also a popular band from the 90's that were going to play, too. They still dressed all cool like they were still teens, but they were definitely not teenagers.

Cory took it all in. Of course, he hoped when he was their age that he might act his age. Probably not. Before he knew it, he was back stage helping out. Nobody snapped at him. It was like they were expecting him. Cory felt at ease with the roadies. If only, he could be one of them.

"So, do you play?" Some one saw him looking at the drum set.

Cory just smiled. He nodded with a grin. "Well, I can drum, or uh," Cory thought he might have a heart failure. He finally mentioned The Freaknoids.

"Oh yeah, I've heard you guys, the gay band." The guy with the little soul patch chuckled. His chipmunk grin eyed Cory a bit longer. Finally, he gave Cory a handshake. "Don't worry kid, I knew who you were. What are you doing here?"

"I guess I missed this." Cory hesitated with shrug.

"What? You want to spend the summer with us?" Was this guy asking Cory what he thought he was asking?

Cory was in shock. He wasn't thinking what Ali might say of this chance.


ellie's desk said...

He must be excited, but what will the rest of the band think???

meg said...

You know, he's gotta go.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sometimes you've got to do, what you've got to do! :)