Friday, June 17, 2011

talk talk

"What are you trying to tell me?" Ali wasn't sure she understood, as she listened over her Blackberry clutch phone. There was so much noise in the background. Cory really left with the tour. It had hit her like an avalanche of emotions. She could hardly breathe.

"Its just for six weeks." He told her.

"Then what?" All she could think of ..was another tour, and another. She'd never see him, again.

"I"ll be home. Promise." Cory told her.

She knew she couldn't make him promise because it would just be broken. She expected it. But she couldn't show her anger, either. It would only make it worse.

"Are you all right?" She knew he was happy, a kind of of happiness she could never give him.

"Look, I want to sing with you again, I do. I just want it to be the right songs, that's all." Cory told her over his cell.

Ali just nodded. She couldn't speak. Why couldn't she talk more? Her face dripped with tears and she knew it was over. All over.

"I guess..I-I should look for my own place." She decided.

"No, don't do that. Just-just stay right there. I'll be back. I promise." There he went again. She wanted to believe him, but she wasn't sure she could.

Ali clicked off. Went to the fridge, to see what there was to eat. There were Healthy Choice frozen dinners in the freezer, but she looked for her stash of Cherry Garcia in the back. She needed a good ice cream fix now.


Lux and Stan said...

Oh, Allie would have to do that. Hope she had faith in him.

Holly said...

I feel for her. But I think she wants Cory to be happy, too.

FWB said...

Its a hard life. Hopefully, he'll get this out of his system.

ellie said...

This'll be a test to see if they make it through.