Wednesday, June 15, 2011

today.... yeah

"Do I know you?" Lucy was startled by Nina's glare as she watched her clumsily try to breast feed the baby.

She finally had boobs and now she had to share them with the baby.

"Casey? I married Casey." Nina explained. Her arms were crossed, and she was far more curious than Lucy wanted her to be. Besides, even with ballooned tits, she didn't hold a light to Nina's cleavage.

"Who? In their right mind would marry Casey?" Lucy winced. She covered herself up.

"Well, we were drunk, but its working out fine. Totally, fine." Nina went to the other side of the bed to watch the baby nurse.

"Are you kidding yourself?" Lucy couldn't help but laugh. "Its never fine with Casey." Lucy scrunched her face. "But of course, you look the sort to be in love with yourself, now aren't you?" Lucy was getting testy. She wanted this bitch to leave. Now, in fact. "Must be hard for both of you, because I know Casey loves himself too."

Just then Casey motioned for Nina.

"Luce, there's been a fire." Casey broke into the conversation. "I'm afraid your house burned down."

"Seriously?" She winced hard. She wasn't sure it was from the shock of fire, or the baby biting instead of sucking, but she found a way to endure.

"Afraid so." Casey nodded with his fingers barely in his jeans' pockets. He looked as if he were telling her he was out of gum instead of something horrific, like losing the home she grew up in.

"Oh." Lucy sucked in a breath. She guessed it was true. Her home was where ever Todd was. "Did I tell you, we decided on a name?" Lucy smiled then. "Lux." She wasn't sure they needed to know, but Todd had decided to take her last name. Lucy bit her bottom lip. She would get used to feeding her baby anywhere, she was certain. Yes, she did like breast feeding.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Things can never work out fine when you've said I do while under the influence of alcohol. :/

I do love the name Lux. :)

ellie said...

oh, Lucy..she has a good mind, after all!

Lux and Stan said...

Lucy is like a tiger now. Glad she put Nina in her place. So sad about the house.

meg said...

I don't think they are gonna hit it off. Interesting that Todd wants to take Lucy's name.

She is Sara said...

How awkward and horrifying all at once!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I can't believe they got married drunk! NEVER a good idea hahaha. I would have gotten annoyed to, I mean she just had a baby and is trying to nurse it, she doesn't need to talk to strangers right now!