Sunday, July 3, 2011

gathering up

The sound of locks unlocking seem to prevail like a sad song that awakened a deep happiness Sarah never knew of..until now.

"What is this?" It didn't seem real. Was she dreaming? Her eyes watered, wondering what would be waiting for her. Would Craig be there in the sunshine? She thought of his golden hair and how smitten she'd been at first sight of him.

Even then with his look, a tad arrogant, could melt away and she'd find the boy, he was, underneath. He liked watermelon tea. His lips were sweet when he kissed her. She thought of this now. Thinking it could all be that simple. Couldn't it.

But first was the recovery process of getting through the channels of getting out of this place. There were her clothes. She didn't feel like crawling back into the little black dress. Pulling on the heels and clicking through the sharp corridors to the life outside.

"Do you have anything in the lost and found?' She couldn't possibly get in that dressed now. She examined her items in the tray of her life before.

The plump guard chuckled. "I'll find you something."

Granted Sarah's stomach wasn't huge, but it wasn't so easy to hide now. The pregnancy.

The best the guard could do were some old jeans and a white oxford style shirt. Flip-flops too.  Still Sarah felt awkward. Somewhere down the exchange they'd find in the paperwork, it had been a false alarm of some kind. That was Sarah's luck. She couldn't let herself get excited.

She hated to ask if her parents knew of her release. Or maybe their was a party waiting just beyond the gates in her honor. Finally, it was done and she had her big shoulderbag. Her keys. Her phone. All accounted for.

But no one on the outside waited for her. It was empty. Everyone was on holiday, it seemed. She turned to look back at the locked up world. "WAIT?" Something was wrong here. She felt a bit shaky. This was not suppose to be what freedom felt like.


ellie said...

What a sudden thing. That would be a shock.

She is Sara said...

Oh she is so alone! Poor girl :(

FWB said...

I'm sure Sarah is glad to be out of there.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, this is terrible! :(

blue hearts said...

I hoping for better times soon.

Cait said...

I'm happy but sad of her uncertainty.