Monday, July 11, 2011

its all right

Craig felt himself shutting down a little more after every door was locked as he went deeper into the prison. He'd been shucked what was his and soon enough, he was in the bright orange jump suit, identical to the one he'd seen Sarah sport on his visits with her.

The silence left him stir crazy. He thought for a second they would put him in a straight jacket, yet the plastic handcuffs were sufficient enough, as reality set in. This was it. This was the big house, except he felt he'd been pushed past the slimmest closets with the barest essentials even if they were possible top of the line in the sanitized arena that just kept going up where more past lives lived. Only, Craig went  to another unit, more solitude than was was even imposed. He couldn't dare ask what was going on.

Soon enough he was put behind a heavy door that didn't unlock like an alarm where one could walk about for a certain time of day. But it felt clear as morning in the room. The florescent lights hummed ever so irritatingly. It was all closing in. So final.

The last little thing he'd left out there would never have a chance to know him. Perhaps it was best to leave things the way they were. Yet it was painful to think how much Sarah must hate him now. It was bound to happen sooner or later. His departure with or without the help of the authorities.

He heard a door unlock and then another. Someone was coming this way. Craig tried not to get his hopes up. He wanted this to be quiet. But..but what if, someone got in, who knew. Who knew what he was about.

He blinked, imagining a silent shot to the head. It would be over. Time to put out his misery. But then he saw the FBI agent in the black suit, who he'd talked to when he turned himself in.

"You help us, we'll help you." The thin balding man said.

"Really?" Craig set there on the stiff cot looking up at the man.

"You any good with British accents?" The question perpetuated an odd smile from Craig. He'd wanted to travel overseas.

"Just what do you have in mind?" Craig squinted hard as he laced his fingers wondering if they were even on the same page.

"You tell us everything you know. We'll set you up with a new life." The suit kept his eye on him as if he were reading for facial expressions and other body cues that might consider him a liar.

Craig gave a slight nod. He'd been wanting a new life for a while now.


Through My Eyes said...

this is all too true, because sometimes the environment around you can changed a person. He seems hardened by it all

Cafe Fashionista said...

Such a sad turn of events. :/

meg said...

I wonder though if Sarah will ever see him again???

molly said...

Well, Craig might have a way to get back to Sarah..somehow.

She is Sara said...

Oh wow, I wounder what his life will be like now!

ellie said...

He's hopefully going up.