Saturday, July 9, 2011

the way back

Sarah had just finished off a pint of Cherry Gracia before Casey and this Nina got there. She still felt numb. She felt so empty to get back to her place and to find the place neat as a new office, as if Craig had never been there.

"When did I call you?" Sarah winced as she looked at Casey and this odd creature he'd brought to the house. Had he told her about this Nina? She couldn't remember.

"You didn't." Casey said he'd called the prison and they'd told him she'd been released.

"For a minute there, I thought I was going crazy." Sarah smiled but as she looked at Nina..she was sure Nina probably thought she was crazy. But perhaps Casey was just crazy for marrying Nina. " how's married life?" Sarah was sure she couldn't stop this silly grin of hers if she tried. Here she was all pregnant and giddy one moment and full of woeful tears the next.

"How long have you known Casey?" Nina shot right in as she plopped herself next to Sarah, who had to direct herself toward Nina but then back to Casey who was swamped with questions from her mother about what he was doing now.

"Uh..uh..Casey..I need a little help here." She pulled at the sleeve of his shirt then.


"What did you tell her about me?" She winced more.

"Nina, stop being jealous." Casey festered a mean stare at Nina then.

"I'm not being jealous!" Nina snapped back. "Why..why don't you ever tell me anything!" Now Nina was peeved as she hugged herself. Nina looked at Sarah's dad  who was all comfy in his recliner, practically going to sleep with the six o'clock news. "Do you know... I have never seen a photo of Casey's mother nor father. What's up with that?"

Sarah's dad, popped his chair up.

"Is it dinner yet?" He looked around as if Nina had called him to the dinner table. Sarah didn't think her father was that feeble.

"Oh,would you two, like to stay for dinner." Her mother came to the rescue. "Its pot roast, Casey. I remember how you like pot roast." It sounded as if her mother was expecting them.

"Yeah, why not." Casey evidently didn't have a problem. He got up to go to the bathroom down the hall.

Nina stood up as if everyone was shutting her out.

Quickly, her mom conviently brought Nina what she asked for. A photo of Casey and his Mom.

"We were best friends for the longest time." Sarah's Mom told her. "She never talked about Casey's father much. I think he died in the Gulf war."

Suddenly, Sarah was moved to go to Casey then. His dad died in the Gulf war. It mustered up a bit of a fit of tears inside her dreadful self. She ran down the dark hall of white shag carpet just as Casey was coming out of the bathroom and pushed him into her bed room and plopped him right down on her pink canopy bed that she hadn't slept in, since forever.

"Why are you with her?" Sarah demanded.

"Nina?" He winced hard. "Well, she's not so bad."

"But I need you now, more than I ever did." Sarah was suddenly a mess. This whole thing with Craig was just awful. Here today gone tomorrow. She heaved restlessly.

"No, no..Sarah, when have you ever really needed me?" Casey put his arm around her.

"Then why did you come?" He was always the last alternative. They were really good together, she thought now. Always a good listener, to each other. Of course, he never picked up after himself and he could be doing something important for the community. People liked him, but no, he had this job as a janitor at the high school.

"Because..because I wanted to know if you..if you were OK. I'm not ..I'm not trying to hurt you. But..but I'm pretty sure I belong with Nina." He nodded.

"How can say that?" She winced tears. He hugged her. "She's bossy and her lips are too big. God, did she have a boob job done or something?"

"I know you think she's sexy." Casey told her. "And she is. I'm just kind of shocked she picked me."

She pulled away from him and took a long look at him. "Why? Why are you like this? You can be so good and then..then you have to say something like that about yourself." Her eyes were wet and she felt as if she might have a major sinus infection now. He wiped her tears with the tissue he found on the night stand.

"Just being me, I guess." His smile was just as she remembered when he wasn't even in preschool yet.

"She's going to hurt you." She told him. Tears dripped down her face.

"It won't be nothing I haven't had to deal with before." He promised. Sarah hugged him tight. Those first love feelings were there and she didn't want to let them go because if she did..everything might fall apart.


caitlin and megan said...

The tight situations they get into~

izzy and dev said...

Such a sad time for Sarah..but I loved Casey's lines.

Holly said...

I wonder about those 2.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Such a bad situation. :/

ellie's desk said...

Oh, Casey should just tell her what he thinks.

hollyaoks fan fiction said...

Sarah is just a little mixed up..right now.

She is Sara said...

Oh this is such a bad situation :(

ellie said...

Wow..what is Casey gonna do?

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I love Casey, he's so sensible and doesn't put up with too much from Nina