Thursday, July 21, 2011

where to turn

Ali tried her best to keep up with the song the band was starting to practice in Spencer's basement. She'd sang the Katy Perry song several times. Even at home alone. And she was very alone these days. But it took effort with the group. She felt like the fifth wheel, perhaps.

"Whats the matter?" Todd told everyone to stop.

"I dunno." It was hard to focus. Sure, Cory called, but she felt as if each day she was losing him while he was on the road with the tour. "I guess I thought..I thought Cory would be back by now." She sighed.

"I'm sure he's coming back." Todd tried to sooth her nerves. "You'll just have to put up with me..we'll make the best of it..until he comes back." He nodded.

Ali shook her head. She felt so lost. It didn't feel right. Something just wasn't right.

"Its just..what if he doesn't come back?" She felt as a part of her might be gone as well. She winced then. "I" She finally croaked, knowing they didn't want to hear this.

"Look, with or without, Cory..we, need you in this band." Todd informed her. There was no Casey to put her down. It was just Todd, her, Benny and Spencer now. And suddenly Todd was the front man. He started to pay his electric guitar.

"We'll make it work." He promised. "You've got the voice. We'll back you up. We will."

"OK." She knew they were counting on her. "But, we'd like to see what you got." She gave him a flirty grin. "Come on, we need to hear you sing too. I can't do it, totally alone."

Todd cracked up. "OK, I gonna wing it. But you gotta start. I like harmony, OK." He was suddenly serious.

Ali supposed she'd have to lead the way. He was waiting. She looked to Benny to start the drums. Ali wanted to wish for the best, but a part of her was ready for the worst if Cory didn't come back.


Syed said...

She just needs the confidence, I'm sure she is more than capable of doing lead vocals and carrying the band!

meg said...

I think she needs them as much as they need her.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I agree, she does need more confidence! They wouldn't have let her in if they didn't think she was good.

Cafe Fashionista said...

She can do it - she just needs to believe in herself! :)

ellie's desk said...

Such a hard time for her. She belongs with the band.