Saturday, July 23, 2011

a little closer now

Sarah watched Lucy change Lux's diaper.

"You, are so lucky." Sarah told her. It was good to be out, yet she was still at her parents. Her folks wouldn't hear of her moving back to her apartment. She supposed it was best to give it up. Still no word from Craig. Things were looking more solitary by the day, yet she knew she wasn't alone.

"I know." Lucy didn't argue with her. "For a moment there I thought I'd fucked up completely, but I finally did it."

Sarah guessed Lucy was talking about having the baby. But Sarah wasn't sure. She gave her a nod and Lucy went to show her some maternity clothes. Obviously, they didn't have the same taste in clothes. A lot Lucy's things were ruffles and light weight dresses.

"You could wear them with jeans, you know." Lucy was giving them to her. As it was Lucy was her thin self, again. Sarah couldn't help but envy her.

"I guess so." Sarah sighed, thinking she'd be pregnant forever.

"It gets better." She sounded as if she were ready to go on television and talk about it which made Sarah think of Nina, immediately.

"Have you met Casey's wife?" Sarah picked up the lacey top on Lucy's bed and folded it up.

"I think so. Its a bit of a blur. What about her?" Lucy winced.

"I don't like her." Sarah looked bitter about it. She couldn't be certain what it was, but she felt sure Casey was in a bad place, somehow, with Nina.

"She's kind of a go isn't she?" Lucy picked up Lux then and they went to the kitchen for some lemonade.

"Is that what she is?" Sarah just thought of Nina being evil.

"Don't tell me, you still  have feeling for Casey." Lucy burst into laughter.

"NO. Of course, not. Its just, I hate to see him waste his whole life on someone like her." Sarah guessed that was it. Perhaps.

"You know, he might be thinking the same about you. How could you, have let yourself get mixed up with Craig? Really, now that's a mystery. Always, has been." Lucy told her about the time he was hiding out here and she didn't even know it.

"I just hope he's hiding out somewhere." Sarah didn't want to dare let herself think that Craig was dead. "You sure, Todd doesn't know a thing?"

"Absolutely. He would have told me. Besides, I would have known, even if he hadn't. He gets really stressed at the thought of him, you know." Lucy talked to the baby then who watched Lucy's face.

Sarah still felt all alone. She was sure of it now. Yes, Lucy was the luckiest of all. Lucy had everything she wanted. Sarah couldn't help but envy her. If only she could stop thinking about Craig.

"You really have to stop thinking about him." Lucy said ever so clairvoyant. Her words stung Sarah. "Look, why don't I show you how to make some jewelry. We need more things to sell downstairs. I could so use your help. Besides, I have a few unfinished projects. Like some pillows."

Sarah sighed as she followed Lucy to her little room with all her treasures. She guessed Lucy was determined to keep her busy.


Anonymous said...

Lucy and Sarah..finally together.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Being busy is the only surefire way to keep your mind off of daunting situations. :/

ellie said...

Hopefully, this will help their friendship too.

She is Sara said...

I think it is good that Lucy is keeping her busy :)

meg said...

Oh, they have lots to talk over and do. Maybe gossip about Nina, too.