Monday, July 25, 2011

if we knew

Lucy really wasn't sure if anyone actually needed to know. Would it be Too Much Information?

"I don't mean to stir up more trouble." Lucy didn't mean to be aloof. It wasn't something she'd exactly talked with Todd, either. Yet she sensed he knew.

"Like what?' Sarah looked at her puzzled as they designed some patterns of beads for bracelets.

"Well..." Lucy felt as if she were at AA's or something. "You'll think I'm nuts. And I am." She finally shrugged. "It was my fault... the reason my Mom left, you know."

"You really have to stop blaming yourself, Lucy." Sarah looked at her, so sincerely.

"But its true. If-if I would have shut up, about ever hearing voices..well, we might all still be together." Lucy squinted hard then. "Its just I don't really hear much of them, at the moment, or anything. And..and even if I did, I know what to do."

"Lucy, you're scaring me." Sarah looked at her baffled.

"See, that's what I did to my Mom." Lucy nursed the corner of her bottom lip. "I try to tell the truth and everyone walks away."

"I'm sorry." Sarah went back to working on the jewelry.

"Its not all bad." Lucy promised. "Its just there are other worlds. And I wouldn't let myself ever be, you know, caught up in another. I wouldn't. But I would get lonely. I think." She did her best to explain. "But there are monsters there too. Just like in this one. Seriously, you should think of Craig as one of the monsters. Be glad he's gone."

"Do you know something, Lucy?" Sarah glared at her then.

"No. Of course not." Lucy shook her head. She hadn't meant to twist it, in this direction. "Just forget him, Sarah. Forget him."

'I can't." Her voice cracked. Lucy didn't meant to upset Sarah.  If only she could tell Sarah to forget what she'd said, but Lucy couldn't. Lucy wasn't even sure if Sarah really heard what she'd said before. If only she hadn't mentioned Craig.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Lucy certainly opened a can of worms here. :/

ellie's desk said...

I love her honesty, but sometimes, it makes things worse.

meg said...

That Lucy can really get in on discussing things, can't she?

molly said...

Lucy is quite a quirky friend.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Wow, Lucy really made things worse! It's a shame that she can't be completely honest without people taking it the wrong way or freaking out though.

mazzy may said...

Poor Lucy. I love her, though.