Friday, August 12, 2011

another world

Gage thought of himself as good for nothing, lately. He watched the world go by. It seemed awful slow, but the next thing he knew, it was all so fast and he needed to be cautious.

He didn't think he'd ever been kissed. It was as if he need to graduate from something. But from what? Nothing was coming to him.

Oh, he was near perfect now. His speech was good. He knew words. Sentences. That had to count for something? But the memories. They were gone. But he could tread water. How did he know to do that at the pool?

He was done with the ice cream. It lost its flavor. He dumped it in the trash. That's what people did. He looked at Lucy.

"So you knew me?" How come no one seemed to enlighten him? He was right here. He needed to know.

"Not really. You were older. Quiet type. I think some football dude bullied you." She told him. "You know, maybe you were never gay at all. You were just meant to be."

That sounded disgusting, somehow.

"I really think you loved Spencer because he's talented." Lucy smiled as if gender didn't really matter. Something more important did.

Gage nodded. It was still a blank. He wanted to feel something. Somehow. It made him a bit angry. But then, he wasn't sure it was completely true.

"Look, Todd's gay too." Lucy told him.

"He has a boyfriend?" Gage was curious. At least she hadn't put him on the spot.

"God, he's complicated. This old dude wanted to marry him. But he was so funny, about it. That was when we first met. He didn't really want to be someones, boy-toy, you know. We kept each other from falling into the wrong crowd. I guess. But then he was with Spencer for awhile. I couldn't hardly stand it, you know. I just couldn't bare it." Lucy looked sad about it as she kept staring at her tattoo.

"I think a part of him, will always love Spencer. But I am his best friend." Lucy sounded as if that was the most important concept.

Gage nodded. So now he knew why Spencer was with him. Still he needed to know. Could it be true? Was he different now?

"Would you kiss me?" He shrugged. Lucy glared back as if she didn't answers questions like that.

"Oh, all right." She took a deep breath as if this was purely an experiment.

When her mouth met his, the sensation sent a spark to his brain. Yes, this was completely crazy beautiful. It was the first time he'd truly laughed.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Maybe Lucy will get her wish! :)

mazzy may said...

oh no, what just happened????

meg said...

Love the header!!! Oh my!!

FWB said...

What's gonna happen!

She is Sara said...

Oh wow, where will this go??

Natalie said...

Oh my goodness everyone is starting something exciting and new! I like it!