Wednesday, August 10, 2011

coming home

"Just give me something small." Lucy guessed she was Benny's next victim. She'd brought Gage along. Sort of a learning experience, she supposed. "Like a dagger." She smiled thinking that would be wild. Right on her ankle.

"A dagger?" Benny looked at her as if she was not really sane yet.

"Just surprise me." She shrugged. Really, it was all so relaxing. Sarah was with the baby. No worries. Actually. She had the insurance people calling about the house. Still no luck where her Dad could be. If they didn't get a hold of him soon, then she'd get the cash for the property damage. She was sure he'd surface soon. Especially, if money were involved.

She looked over and saw Gage's curious child like gaze. He was staring at her leg. She winced. Was he suppose to be that curious?

"Whats going on?" She wanted to know after Benny was done. She was suppose to be in a nice nap, but he'd kept her on her toes, instead.

"Nothing." Gage looked at her puzzled.

"I'm married, you know." She informed him as she stopped for ice cream on the way home. They sat out side with their ice cream cones while she stared at the little poises Benny designed in a delicate bracelet tattoo on her left ankle.

"I know." He said as if he didn't know what she was getting at.

"And." She licked the strawberry ice cream. "You're gay."

"Gay?" He made it sound like a color or a ticket for something. He looked confused.

Suddenly, Lucy felt as if she could not define what she'd just said. But hadn't Spencer told him?

" in you like other guys." She sighed.

"Guys?" He squinted hard as if he didn't know how to say the word gay.

"You were madly in love Spencer. Mad, completely. Even I knew that. I saw how you  were about him at school. Following him like a ghost. You never wanted him to know you were even there. But you wanted him. I just knew." She remembered.  It was like a quick flashback to her. Thinking they were all just zombies in high school.

Gage was having a hard time with his vanilla ice cream now. He bit into the scoop instead of licking it.

"I'm sorry I said anything." It sounded like a lame excuse. "I thought were know."

"I didn't know." Gage looked stricken somehow.

"Its OK. Really. You like girls now, is that it?" Lucy shrugged.

"No. I dunno." He winced. He kept quiet then.

Lucy knew it should have been a the dagger on her ankle and sighed. She guessed it was true. She had a knack at stabbing at things, that she shouldn't.


Isquisofrenia said...


Cafe Fashionista said...

Such a confusing time for Gage. :(

ellie said...

Oh, Lucy, be careful. Poor Gage.

FWB said...

I feel sad for Gage.

She is Sara said...

Kinda awkward, but it seems like he might want to talk about it more?