Monday, August 8, 2011

serious talk

"Well, you are a slut." Benny agreed with Nina.

Casey was Benny's first tattoo. It was just a little heart on his bicep with Nina's name in it. Casey gritted hard. He didn't really want to be Benny's guinea pig, but Keith bailed the last minute. Of course, he was right behind Benny, watching him at work with the tattoo needle.

"You just need to come clean with her, bro." Benny, winced and looked at his work. In the process he stepped right back into Keith who did a bit of a dance away from him. The owner of the tattoo place yelled at Keith, who slapped his cheek and went to sit down with a magazine.

"I don't want to hear it, OK." Casey sighed. There were other things to talk about. "Are you guys seriously going to play at this thing with Todd?"

"Yes." Benny informed him as he etched a few more inches. "We've been practicing all week."

"Who in the hell is coming?" Casey wanted to know since he was the odd guy out, lately.

"How should I know?" Benny shrugged. "Maybe it'll be a happening place, you know." He thought it could be possible. Lot of kids were eager to hear then, or so they said down at the comic book store. He'd talked about it here with some biker chicks. People knew about the place.

"What the fuck is it. A salon? a shop? What are you suppose to do there?" Casey scowled as if he wasn't going.

"Just come. Bring Nina." Benny informed him.

"Oh right, she's my lucky charm." He sounded indifferent. Benny began to put some color into the tattoo.

"How much longer?" Casey was in pain.

"Quit being a weinee." Benny gave Casey a stern look. "Get your baby Momma down here, so I can do her too." It could be a matching set of tattoos.

"Baby Momma?" Casey fretted.

"You know, its coming dude." Benny was sly, but any day now, he knew it would be true. Casey would be somebody's daddy by next summer.


ellie said...

Benny is sometimes, psychic, perhaps.

FWB said...

Benny is so funny,

meg said...

Benny makes me smile...=D

She is Sara said...

Well, that is one way of putting it!

Natalie said...

I think that Benny is just the best!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Benny is hilarious! Though first tattoos are scary, he should be nicer :p