Saturday, August 20, 2011

more than toast

"Mom, did you ever know Casey's dad?" Sarah asked while her Mom was warming her up some tomato soup and a cheese grilled sandwich. They'd just gotten back from a doctor's appointment. Her mother had watched her unborn baby on a computer monitor in full color.

"I guess. I knew him." She shrugged.

"You guess?" Sarah almost laughed.

"OK, I had a big crush him. Don't tell your father. But Wes, was like something on a soap opera. His flashy smile. He was gorgeous. Maybe it was the French Italian in him. Might as well have been a Greek god." She sighed as if she remembered every inch of him.

"Wow, Mom." That was almost a bit of TMI, but Sarah wasn't going to hound her about it.  Her mother went off to the kitchen to get Sarah's late lunch. She knew her mother was ecstatic about having a grand-baby.

"You know, I always thought Casey would have looked more like Wes." Sarah heard her mother talk aloud. "You know, this great olive complexion. Naturally, sun kissed."

Sarah looked down at her own arms. Her skin was light yet an olive tone.

"Come to think of it, Casey always made me think of your father." Her mother smiled as she sat down the bowl of soup and toasted sandwich.

Sarah looked into her mother's eyes. What she trying to tell her?


FWB said...

That's an interesting revelation.

ellie said...


mazzy may said...

I wonder what Sarah will do next.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm curious to see what her next move is! :)

molly said...

oh boy..this could change everything.