Monday, August 22, 2011

if that's not enough

"We have to talk." Sarah was barely speaking above a whisper over the phone.

"Why?" Was she trying to scare him, thought Casey as he had to keep his voice low, too, hoping he could keep his cell to himself. Nina was in the kitchen making supper. Something with artichokes. It was making Casey's stomach turn flips, already. His nerves were getting to him. "What do you know?"

"Just get your ass over here." She snapped.

"I dunno if can do that." Casey was afraid to go over there. This was like opening a can of worms. "I..I gotta go."  Nina was on to him. He put his cell in his back pocket.

"Who was that?" Nina eyed him.

"Nobody." He couldn't help but be nervous.

"It was that pregnant Sarah, wasn't it?" Nina went to set the table.

"Who says shit like that?" Casey winced as he mouthed the words behind her. He went to find some red wine. Something to settle his nerves.

"We have stopped drinking." Nina halted him. Taking the bottle away from him. "No alcohol. No caffeine."

"Are you serious?" This was just insane to him.

"If we have a baby, we have to get off to a perfect start." She told him.

"If?" He scowled. "Have you lost it? Completely?" He hugged himself then. The first year was suppose to be about them. Not having kids.

"What did she want?" Nina practically growled.

"I dunno what Sarah wanted." Suddenly, Casey felt like he was Nina's child. How was he suppose to be a father when he didn't really know how to act, right now. He sat down, waited. Maybe he was suppose to be serving dinner, he didn't know.

"I don't want you talking to her." Nina looked at him as if he better be obedient, or she might take away that thing he wanted five times a day. Yes, it was record breaking. It was like their Ever Ready batteries were charged.

"OK." Casey sighed. He could live with that.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Nina's really stepping out of line here. :/

mazzy may said...

Nina's so mean.

meg said...

He so needs to talk to Sarah!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

God she's getting bossy!