Thursday, September 1, 2011

in another world

"Sorry, I'm such a weenie." That about summed it up, thought Keith, as he admired Benny's handi-craftmanship on his arm. It was a small Celtic cross. It was simple and it made Keith smile. Benny remembered that he taught Celtic history and the University. "I always hated getting a shot."

He told Benny it was the first vivid memory he ever remembered, getting a shot at the doctor's office. He was a mere toddler with evidently fat yet tough thighs. When he saw the needle, he was not happy. He'd kicked the nurse so hard that he bent the needle and the syringe was dangling on his leg. He still remembered.

"And you think I was the crazy kid." Benny laughed at him as he went to get him the stir-fry that Benny made.

"I never said you were crazy. You're Mom's crazy." Keith still believed it too. They rarely went over to see Benny's parents. He was sure his parents had dinners with the rest of the family, but they weren't invited.

"Which reminds me, we're invited to a birthday party." Benny nodded as if they should have been ready for it last week.

"Not at your Mom's?" Keith kind of hoped not.

"No, my sister's having a party at the bowling ally for her 10 year old. Mom won't go. She finds bowling disgusting." Benny told him.

"Well..then.." It was an occasion Keith could look forward too. No threats. No one telling him to shut up. Yet, he felt a tad guilty. He wanted to like Benny's mother. It was just impossible, he thought now. "Of course, I want to go." Keith dug into the fried rice with the spicy shrimp. "Who knows, your nephew might even want to come over sometime."

"OH, no," Benny said. "My sister, will start thinking we're her babysitters. That is not gonna happen."

Keith guessed Benny was right, but he didn't want to stay out of the loop with Benny's family, either.


mazzy may said...

They should do more with Benny's family. I know its not always easy to be included, but I'm sure it just takes getting used too.

ellie said...

He does need to make an effort with Benny's family.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I agree. He needs to make that effort, even if the mother is difficult!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Benny's family will come around in no time! :)

She is Sara said...

Yeah, I think more time with the fam is a good idea.